The formal notification or letter that is sent by the employee who is retiring from his job or from the human resources department to all the employees in the company is known as the invitation letter for retirement dinner party.

Brief Description of Invitation Letter for Retirement Dinner Party:

This invitation letter is a very simple letter. You just need to mention the name of the employee who is retiring from the company and ask the receivers to join you and the retiring employee in the dinner party on a specific date that you need to mention in the letter. If you want to add a specific theme to the dinner party, you need to mention it too in the letter. Along with many other things, you should advice the guests or invited employees about what kind of gift they should bring for the retiring employee. If the retiring employee himself writes this invitation letter, he informs his fellow workers about his decision of retiring and invites them to a dinner party that he organized where on the other hand, if the company or the HR department sends this invitation letter to employees in the office, it is informing them about the employee who will retire soon and invites all of them to the dinner party for the retiring employee.

Sample Invitation Letter for Retirement Dinner Party

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing this letter to formally invite you to the retirement party of one of our most important and prolong employees Mr. Kiel B. Novak on the 25 July 2015. Mr. Novak joined excellent investment group almost 25 years ago when the CEO of this company Mr. Dorothy started it from scratch and Mr. Novak joined this company as a junior sales representative and over these years in this company, he moved up to one of the most important positions in this company, the post of senior strategic director. We can say that if it weren’t for Mr. Novak, it wasn’t possible for this company to succeed in such short period of time and I personally think that without him, I could took up 5-10 more years to reach the point where we stand at this moment.

I have worked with him for more than 10 years and in this time, he is nothing but a kind senior and mentor to me and I have to admit that his decision of leaving this company permanently has made me very sad. But, even if I have to do it with tears in my eyes, such a great man deserves a well organized good bye party. For that reason, I have organized a retirement dinner party for Mr. Novak so that we can spend couple of hours with him and share his stories with each other.

Kindly consider this letter as formal invitation for the dinner party. Also, please note that family of Mr. Novak will be at the party and we all have agreed to share an interesting story about him after the dinner so if you have something to say, please prepare it.

John Miller

Head of Human resources

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