Appointment letters are written to communicate about employment offer to a new hire. It is an official document therefore it is important to write it on very formal but welcoming tone. Length of the appointment letters may vary from single page to more according to the nature of contents. A multipage document requires careful enumeration of expectations as the new employer and offered benefits to the appointee. Appointment letter is usually written after selection of a right person for the job through resume reading and interviewing. This letter is a next step in the hiring process through which you are offering a position officially. It is important to follow some specific protocols while writing appointment letters because these are significant for the start of your professional relationship.

When to Write Appointment Letters?

Appointment letter is a legal binding that should be written in friendly tone after selecting someone for a specific position. It should be accurate and carefully written because it will start a legal and professional relationship between two parties. After completing the hiring process and taking decision about right candidate, it is time to write an appointment letter with complete details. You will write your expectations with the new employee and the benefits that you are offering with this position.

General Guidelines to Write Appointment Letter

Appointment letter is an important official as well as legal document so it is important to write it carefully without any potential error. Following are some general guidelines to write a perfect appointment letter:

  • Appointment letters are known as legal bindings that can be written in friendly or formal tones. These should be accurately written because any wrong clause or point can be legally challengeable. Every point of the appointment letter should be considered carefully because the letter will be signed by two parties.
  • Salary amount is an important part of the appointment letter that should be mentioned clearly. You can include different details in the appointment letter such as regularity of pay, direct deposit and information of the first pay date for the new employee. Do not forget to include details about taxes and other deductions that can affect paycheck of new employee.
  • Do not forget to mention other compensations that you are intended to offer to appointee including health insurance and retirement benefits. If you want to write a brief letter then save these details for other meeting with new appointee otherwise these should be the part of long appointment letter.
  • If the new appointee is subject to probationary period then it is important to mention it on the appointment letter. You should write the duration of period and the grounds on which the success or failure decision of the appointee should be taken. Do not forget to consider your state laws about probationary period before mentioning it on the appointment letter.
  • Appointment letter offers you great opportunity to build loyalty with new employee. It will be good to write a personal message in the last paragraph for the warm welcome. Do not forget to give your contact information so that the new hire can clear any query.

 Sample Appointment Letters:

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Appointment Letter for Receptionist

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