Sample Break Up Letter

So you are about to break a relationship but feeling hesitant to tell your partner. Do not worry as you can write break up letter because it is a right way to break the news and explain the reason of break up. It will prevent you from worst question like “Why” because it is breakup is really hard to do. No one feel pleasant after breakup and it is a sad process that can diminish pleasure of every person. It is an effective and soft way to blow of a break up and to give some closure to your ex-partner. Through this letter, you can provide useful information to your ex-partner so that he/she can read and reread it at the time of need.  It is written by middle scholars or people in rude relationship. It is important to remain honest about your feelings and be clear about your reasons.

Tips to Write Break Up Letter

Break up letter is important for that person who wants to end an abusive relationship. Following are some tips that will help you to write an effective break up letter:

  • If you want to write an effective break up letter then it is essential to brainstorm your ideas and thoughts on a rough paper. Write reasons of your split up but use nice and polite tone while writing everything. It will be good to include some nice and important things about your ex-partner. Write good qualities and write the role of this person in your present and future life.
  • Although you can opt for typed break up letter but it will be good to write handwritten letter to add more personalized touch to your letter. Use formal tone and address him/her followed by date at the top of the letter. Commence your letter by writing that you have strong feeling, you should not date any longer. Use blunt and gentle tone while keeping your letter to the point. Do not try to confuse reader because any mix emotions and messages can disturb her.
  • Write that your romantic relationship is over now followed by the reasons of your split up. Try to be as gentle as possible and avoid blatant rejection terms such as “I do not wish to live with you, You are of not my type, You dumped me” etc. Use softer language like “we will better be friends; It is not good for us to live together” etc. Write positive qualities in the letter and state some incidents where you can enjoy together.
  • Conclude your letter with complete description and write your views about this relation in future. Write everything honestly and try to end your relation in friendly note. If you want to turn your relationship in friendship then write it in your letter. Give him/her options either he/she want to accept your friendship proposal or not. Do not force for another relationship and give him/her some time to think about it. Give him/her open choices for the future.

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Break Up Letter

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Promotion Request Letter

Promotion request letter is usually written to request for promotion from employer and it is not an easy task. It requires full planning and preparation because you have to convince your employer to seriously consider you for promotion. You have to show your good qualities and good contributions in the success and growth of organizations to your employer to give him/her reason for your promotion. If you feel that you are in the same position from considerable period of time then it will be good to write a compelling promotion request letter. Your request letter should highlight your skills and qualifications. It is important to tell about your interest to your boss and human resources department.

Tips to Write Promotion Request Letter

Compelling promotion request letter will prove really beneficial for your career so you have to be really careful while writing promotion request letter. Following are some tips that will help you to write perfect letter for your career growth:

  • Start your letter with your contributions for the company and write potential benefits of your promotion for the company. Let them know that you are qualified enough to work on a better position. You have to give imaginations of potential benefits about your promotion to your boss.
  • Write your major accomplishments in the letter but do not write irrelevant material because these can irritate reader. It will be good to include relevant accomplishments while requesting promotion. Write duration of your employment within this company, your expertise and dedication toward the company.
  • Do not use negative words because these can make your impression weak. Write strong words to show your employer that you are a strong person for this position. Avoid such statements and words that can create doubts about your abilities to carry out important tasks.
  • Praise your employer for his/her cooperation and explain how much you enjoy while working within this organization. Try to convince employer by telling him/her that you want new challenges and able to deliver good results.
  • It will be important to write those skills that you have acquired during your job within the organization. Write about new training and seminars you have attended during your job. Discuss new growth opportunities and demonstrate your skills to move up to new position.
  • Show professional courtesy that is requirement of time and help you to get more positive results. Try to write your letter in suggestive tone so that the potential employer can promote you according to the situation of the company.
  • Compliment training and seminars you have attended during your job and the skills as well as qualifications you have learnt during these activities. Write some recommendations for the betterment of the company to prove your authenticity for the position.
  • Take a moment before concluding your letter and say sincerely thanks to your potential employer for considering you for the promotion. It is professional attitude and helps you to fulfill requirements of the time.

Send your letter after proofreading it properly because any grammatical and logical error will be a question mark on your writing skills and professional attitude.

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Promotion Request Letter

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Birthday Invitation Letter

Personalized invitation letters have great importance while throwing every kind of party especially birthday party. Both types of formal and informal birthday parties require a well designed birthday invitation letter. Formal invitation letters require more conservative tone and an R.S.V.P should be there for the recipient. If you are writing an informal birthday invitation letter then you should include some humor in the letter to upbeat the personality of guest of honor. Personalized birthday invitation letter will give special feeling to guests. Give them welcome feeling through birthday invitation letter and include a short message to include the details of birthday party.

Tips to Write Birthday Invitation Letter

Birthday invitation letter is really important to give special feelings to guests and following are some tips that will help you to write a perfect birthday invitation letter:

  • Address specific guest by writing his/her name at the top left corner of your paper along salutation. If you want to write a formal birthday invitation letter then it is important to write surname with Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Dr., etc.
  • Write one to two sentences to give introduction such as name and age of birthday girl or birthday boy and important milestone. If you want to organize a surprise event then it is important to include its details in the birthday invitation letter. For instance, “We are going to celebrate 65th birthday of our dear mother Vaneeza Johnson and will throw a surprise birthday party to pay tribute to her hard work and successful life”.
  • Write about party such as date, time, venue and complete address with important contact numbers of host and nearby locations. Keep this segment concise and write each piece of information on a separate line. For instance,

August 11, 2013

7:30 p.m.

City Star Restaurant

15 East Street.

Pretty Avenue, CA 4441

  • If you are going to throw a theme party then it is essential to write about it in the birthday invitation letter. You have to tell about theme, dress code and other important requirements. You can write about gifts that will be presented to birthday boy or girl according to his/her preferences.
  • Refreshment is an important part of your party and every guest wants to know about it in advance. You have to give details about it such as, “Cocktails and appetizers, family style dinner, potluck affair or bring your favorite dish with you”.
  • If you want RSVP then write about it in the birthday invitation letter so that people can guarantee their presence in the party and this will help you in further arrangements. Provide valid contact number for the convenience of guests.
  • Prepare a list of guests in advance so that you can send invitations prior time to all important guests. Write name of the guests and their phone numbers so that you can acknowledge your guests via phone.
  • Informal birthday invitation letter can be more interesting and colorful according to the theme of your party and preferences of chief guest. Formal birthday invitation letter should be free from all logical and grammatical errors.

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Birthday Invitation Letter

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Dispute Resolution Letter

If we describe resolution in simple words, it means to change something i.e. method, procedure or strategy. When a company or business wants to make some differences in the office related to either planning or employees, it issues a letter which states the needs and rules of changes and this official notification is called a letter of resolution. This letter is prepared by the head of the department or the owner of the business but mostly a board of directors issues this type of letters. This letter explains the present situation of the company, currently ongoing strategies, the need to implement new or improved methods and the way this will be done. This is also a way to tell another company or business partner about the changes you are about to make in your business which will affect their business too and you two may need to renew the agreement you signed to do some mutual business. Most companies are divided into several departments and each department is assigned its own tasks. When the company wants to change something or implement new rules, it’s difficult to inform every person in the company so the superior or central management issues the letter of resolution to each department of the company or a specific division if the resolution is not for the entire company and then that department informs it’s employees about the changes and rule of everyone in this procedure.

There are several reasons out there for issuing a resolution letter and some of them are discussed here. A company writes the resolution letter when it wants to resolve a problem by consensual agreement. When a specific strategy is going to be implemented in the company, it needs to be addressed, accepted or rejected between all the departments. This is a standard procedure to make sure that the soon to be implemented strategy is righteous for the company and it won’t have any bad impacts on any section of the company. Although you are making changes in one department, it will affect the entire organization so it needs to be told to each division. On the other hand, company writes this letter to the owner(s) of the company when it wants to convince them for the implementations and to get their permission to start the project.

A company can’t always operate on its own and eventually it has to involve one or more businesses to continue the working. In that situation when two or more companies do business together, they sign an agreement which contains the rules and regulation for each one of them so that they have definite and same goals to achieve. When one of them realizes that his methods are not up to date with the market or there is something needs to be changes in the company, he is required to inform the other partners about that problem and the change to get their permission. This is very important because may be after implementing new strategies; those companies won’t continue doing business together. That’s the reason that they are informed by a resolution letter and called for a meeting to discuss the in hand agenda to avoid any misunderstanding or conflicts in the future.

General Guidelines to write a Letter of Resolution:

  • Consider the drafting before writing or composing the letter as it’s an essential part of writing this type of letter. You can get help from libraries, books, grammars and dictionaries to make error free draft of the letter. it would be a good idea to assign more than one person to create several draft and then you can make the final one by choosing different factors or points from each of them.
  • This is an official document not a personal letter so make it short and clear. There is no need to discuss anything useless or irrelevant to the ongoing issue. As you keep it clear and concise, the reader won’t have any difficulty understanding it and you won’t have to explain it to each one of them personally or on telephone.
  • Every country or state has its own laws and regulations which are also applicable on organizations and businesses so support your decision with those rules and ensure the reader that you have thought through everything and there is nothing against the law. If you have got any legal document permitting you to implement the change, attach that with the letter too.
  • This is not a love letter to your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend so you better use a company letterhead and type the letter instead of handwriting it. This way the letter appears more official and will be considered with more seriousness.

If you have attached a number of additional documents with the letter as proof or just to support your decisions, make a list of them at the end of the letter and close it.

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Sample Dispute Resolution Letter

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Sympathy and Condolence Letter

There is nothing more painful in the world than death of someone you really loved or spent a lot of time with. That person can be a friend, relative, close family member or someone you know from work. Death is a reality of this world and everybody will have to face the death of his loved ones and friends. We can’t run from the pain we feel in our heart when someone we really loved died. That person, who has died, is free from the world and its problems but his family and remaining members has to deal with the tenderness after him and in that situation, they need their surrounding people to encourage them and stay along with them in their hard time. As we know that happiness increases as we share it with others and pain decreases when we discuss our problems with our closed ones that’s why when a family is grieving from the death of one of their member, it’s very important to say a few words to them to make them realize that in this hard time they are not alone and there are thousand people out there who loved that person as much they do. Also people say condolences sympathies not only when a human being dies but also when a family pet dies. For example when you hear that you cousin’s family has lost their dog due to an accident; you say sympathy sentences to share their sorrow and support their kids in their hard time.

It’s not an easy thing to say condolences or sympathies by face so people use to send out sympathy cards to the family members who has lost one of their members. You can find a number of cards in a bookshop and choose according to the occasion and your relationship with that person and his family. For example if your friend’s father has died, you will choose a different sympathy letter as compared to a death of a pet of your work buddy. As this letter shows that you really cared about that person and still do, it’s better if you design this letter by your own. This is not a difficult job and the surviving family will feel more sympathies if you spend some time with the letter and handwritten it instead of getting a printed one. You can also add a poem, sympathy quote or a beautiful memory with the gone person that will keep his family warm for a while. Also some people use to send special gifts with sympathy cards such as flowers or something else.

General guidelines to write a letter of sympathy and condolences:

  • Start with buying a condolence card or colored paper if you want to design it by yourself. You should choose the letter or colors scheme just according your relationship with that person and his family.
  • This letter is just a way to stand along a family in their hard time so it shouldn’t be too long and one side of a paper is enough.
  • Start the body of the letter by telling how you know the person who died and what your relationship with him or her was. It’s best if you don’t use words like dead, murdered or suicide because it will again remind them everything and that’s only opposite of the purpose of the letter.
  • In the second paragraph, you share some of your good memories with that person. If you don’t know that person, you can add a sentence such as “I wish I knew your grandma because she seemed a very good person.”

Finish the letter by adding a line such as “He/she will always be remembered” or “It’s not possible to forget such a nice person”.

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sample condolence letter

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