recommendation letter for internship

Sample Recommendation Letter for Internship

Finding a job for an experienced person is not a problem because his capabilities and expertise are important. For someone who is not experienced and just finished his or her college degree, finding a job to start a career is not that easy. Companies and organizations prefer experienced employees over fresh graduates. The internship is a very useful and helpful option for this individual. Companies allow inexperienced individuals to work in the office without offering them a permanent position or any salary and in return, the individual gains experience and work-related expertise. But, getting an internship is also not easy so individuals i.e. fresh students ask their teachers to write them a recommendation letter for an internship.

Importance of Recommendation Letter for Internship:

Teachers and professors who spend time with their students understand the capabilities and abilities of each student better than anyone else. This is why before the final examination; the teachers can guess very accurately which student will score the most, which student will score average, and which of them will fail. Organizations and corporations that offer an internship to fresh graduates usually request a recommendation letter from a teacher or professor. This is requested because even if a student has scored very high in the exams, it’s possible he or she doesn’t have any communication or management skills.

When a company allows an individual internship, they are investing their time, money, and efforts in that person. If that person turns out to be wrong for the job or he doesn’t have the required skills, all the work is gone down the drain. That’s why a recommendation letter for an internship is preferred to evaluate the qualities and abilities of individuals. These recommendation letters aren’t always from the teachers but a previous owner can also write this letter for their employees. You can ask someone in your family with a professional background to write this letter for you before you apply for an internship at a company.

Key Elements of a Recommendation Letter for Internship:

  • Name of the recipient of the letter
  • Name of the person writing the letter
  • Date of sending the letter
  • Subject of the letter
  • Name and other details of the recommended person
  • Educational accomplishments and achievements of the individual
  • Previous experience of the individual
  • The desired position for the internship
  • Either the internship is paid or unpaid
  • The date when an individual can start
  • Duration of the internship (if applicable)
  • Personal recommendation of the individual for the internship


Sample recommendation letter for internship


Hilda Williams

Manager Sourcing

Nova Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Date: 11th December 2021


Subject: Recommendation letter for internship


Dear Ms. Hilda,

I hope I find you in great health and prosperity. I am writing this letter to recommend one of my students Julie Thomas for a paid internship at your company.

Julie has completed her graduation in computer sciences last month and I am proud to say that she is one of the brightest students I have ever had. During our time together, she always outran my expectations and she proved to be reliable throughout her education career.  When she came to me with the request to write her a recommendation letter, I was much pleased because I have known her for the past 3 years and we had a special bond inside and outside of the class. These are the key reasons why I agreed to write a recommendation letter for an internship for her.

She has great communication skills, management skills and she has proven herself to be a great problem solver and a team leader. In the class, she was always well prepared and she always knew what I will teach in the class so she used to go through the helping material and used to ask me really good and relevant questions during lectures.

I am also proud to say that in the final exam, she again proved that she is the best by taking the first position in her major subject: robotic coding and development engineering. She has a great grip on all the coding languages including; Python, Java, and Kotlin while she is still working to improve her skills in S++ and Swift.

To my knowledge, she would be a great asset for your organization, and not only that you will benefit from her skills a lot, but she also has a lot to learn from your next-generation development lab and extraordinary coding equipment. Although she asked me not to mention it in the recommendation letter for an internship because she just wanted to enter your company at the ground level and work her way up with a free internship but I still feel that she should be paid even if it’s next to nothing.



Samantha Shepard

Senior Lecturer

Columbia University

IT Division

Sample Recommendation Letter

It is a document which indicates the ability of the person whom you are recommending to any company. Writing correspondence of recommendation for a worker, co-worker, or any other associate can appear just like a chore, but she will certainly value the trouble you place into singing her good remarks. The very best letters are each effusive and honest, which demands a unique contact.

Format Tips and Essentials

1.     Inquire the letter requester for an all the knowledge you will require to write the absolute best letter of recommendation. This could consist of not just the requester’s application and list of tasks she has labored on or other skills, but additionally a list of factors she would really like to emphasize in the letter.

2.     Discover out if generally there are any unique types that you ought to use or methods that you require to adhere to. Frequently finished letters should be enclosed in an envelope with the signature throughout the flap.

3.     Start your letter with an assertion of your title and position, the requester’s title and placement, just how long you have recognized her, and in what capability. This assertion ought to set up your capability to precisely assess her.

4.     Explain 2 or 3 of the requester’s most noteworthy characteristics or abilities, providing particular illustrations of how he has shown these characteristics in the past. Locations to think about consist of the requester’s thinking ability and analytic capability, degree of experience, business abilities, dependability, and talent to work with other people.

5.     Think about such as some moderate criticisms of your letter requester. If she has produced some development conquering an inadequacy lately, mentioning it right here can enhance your trustworthiness.

6.     Determine the letter with your general evaluation of your requester and his or her appropriateness for the placement she is looking for. The language ought to be powerful, although not overblown or even insincere.

7.     Include your “get in touch” with info and a proposal to react to follow-up concerns if you are prepared to achieve this.

Advices & Warnings

  • Conserve a duplicate of the letter. It’ll conserve you a great deal of effort and time ought to she require an additional letter in the long run.
  • Email the letter or provide it to the requester in time.
  • 1 to 2 pages are usually the perfect size for a letter of recommendation. Any much less and also the reader will suspect you do not have a lot to say concerning the applicant, anymore and you will exhaust those that require studying it.
  • Obscure compliment is the kiss of loss of life. Platitudes concerning the requester that absence proofs to back again them up are an indication of insincerity or disinterest.
  • If you absence time to write a correct recommendation and you believe in the requester to write a great one, you can inquire her to write it for you. Be certain to cautiously evaluation it for precision, nevertheless, prior to you signal your title to it.
  • The very best suggestions consider into thought the position the requester is looking for. If she is looking for entrance to graduate college, for instance, you may want to concentrate on her cleverness or self-motivation, but when she is looking for a position as being a supervisor, you may want to highlight her management abilities.

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College Recommendation Letter

Student Recommendation Letter

When a teacher wants one or some of his or her students to definitely get into good college after completing graduation, they write the student recommendation letters. A Student Recommendation Letter is an appraisal letter from the teacher that includes the qualities of a student and the potential that could lead the student to a bright future if he is given good educational opportunities in the college or university.

Brief Description of Student Recommendation Letter:

It is pretty clear from the title that when a teacher writes a recommendation letter for a student, he writes him a recommendation letter so that he has better chances getting into a good college. Usually the teacher writes this letter during the educational session of each class by evaluating the tests conducted in the class. Even if the teacher doesn’t write the recommendation letter, the students can also ask their teachers for the recommendation letters.

A Recommendation Letter gives an extra edge to the students who are applying in the college or university after graduation or post graduation. When there are thousands of students applying in each college, each of them has very slight chance of getting in any of them. This is where the student recommendation letter comes handy as this can enhance the chance of a student to get into a good college. Some of the colleges and universities mention in the advertisement that they will entertain the applications with recommendation letters better than the ones that don’t have any such letters but most of the time, it depends on each student if he wants to send a recommendation letter with the application or not.

As a teacher if you are looking for useful tips about writing a Student Recommendation Letter, you should know that this is a formal and simple letter. There is nothing complicated in it. When you describe one of your students in the letter, just follow what you think about him and discuss his qualities that led you to recommend him to the administration of a college or university. You can reference the tests that you conducted in the educational session and the progress of the student that you want to recommend in each test. In this manner, you can also discuss the extracurricular activities that the recommended student is involved along with his regular studies.

Sample Student Recommendation Letter

To whom it may concern,

Tom Wilson is a very bright and intelligent student and I have known him for almost 2 years. I was his English teacher in the junior high school and as the one who met him for almost every day of the past 2 months; I can safely say that if you want to go with him, you are investing in the safe place.

Tom is a very good and hardworking student and he has proven himself to be one of the best students of our school. This is the reason that when he told me that he wants to apply in your college for business administration program, I offered him this recommendation letter in order to tell you that I am totally with him and will appreciate if you consider his application and give him a fair chance.

Full name and signature

Recommendation Letter for Colleague

As an employee of an organization, if you find out that there is an opening in another department with more responsibilities and higher pay grade and the company will hire from inside, you can avail this option and apply for the position. But, before you do so, you should ask one of your colleagues to write you a recommendation letter in which he will appreciate working with you and will recommend you to the position that you want to apply. It is possible that the recruiter or the supervisor of the other department doesn’t require any recommendation letters from the applicants but if you send one anyway, it will give you an extra edge over the other applicants.

Brief Description of Recommendation Letter for Colleague:

Whether you want to write a recommendation letter for a colleague or you asked one of your colleagues to write a recommendation letter for you, you should start with understanding and explaining the job that either of you wants to apply in the company. With this explanation, the writer can understand what the requirements of the job are and how he can portray the applicant as the most suitable candidate for the position.

Keep in mind that this letter is a formal and very professional letter and even if you are friends with the employee who is applying for the position in the company, you should keep this letter formal. Start by introducing the friend who asked you to write this recommendation letter and then introduce yourself along with your position and job responsibilities in the company. After that, discuss the time that you have spent with the applicant both in work place and outside of the work as a friend. In this part, you can discuss the qualities and skills of the applicant that attract you the most and then you can compare these skills with the job requirements of the position.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Colleague

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this reference letter on behalf of Mr. Tom Keen who has applied for the position of senior vice president in your organization. I have known Tom for more than 7 years as we have worked together in the company that I am currently employed.

I met Tom 7 years ago in the annual meeting of the internal departments in the company and soon, we found many things common and our mutual interests led to the friendship that we share to this day. I have known Tom in the best of his times and worst of his times as well and I have to say that he is one of the strongest people that I have known in my entire life. I mean you can throw any kind of problem on him and he will handle it in a way that will be surprising for most of us.

We shared the workplace along with spending time together outside of the world with along with our family members and even if I am very sad to understand that he has left the company, I am also very happy for him because he deserves a better job with better career opportunities. Therefore, I am recommending Tom Keen for the position of senior vice president in your organization and I hope you will give a sincere consideration to him.

Full name and signature

Immigration Recommendation Letter Sample

When a person i.e. or a businessman applies for immigration in the United States, the immigration department requires number of documents along with a recommendation or reference character letter from a US citizen who can be a family member or just a close friend. This immigration recommendation letter helps the government understand why they should accept the immigration application of the candidate and by accepting the application, what should they expect from the candidate.

Brief description of Immigration Recommendation Letter:

If you are applying for immigration either in US or anywhere in the world, there are many things you need to provide to the immigration department but the most important thing that you can provide to the immigration department is the reference or recommendation letter from a work colleague, a friend or a family member who is already the citizen of the United States. With this letter, the immigration department will get to know you better and with the words used by the writer of the letter to describe you, they can evaluate your application for the immigration or citizenship of the country.

In the United States, this is mandatory that when you apply for immigration, you have to have someone along with you who is a USA citizen and can introduce you either personally or with the recommendation letter. Other than USA, it’s up to the applicant if he wants to have an extra edge over other applicants with the recommendation letter but this letter is not mandatory nor required by the immigration department.

Sample Immigration Recommendation Letter

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this reference/recommendation letter on behalf of my dear friend Umar Shehzad who has applied for immigration in the United States of America.

Before I go any further, I should introduce myself. I am Ronald M Parker and I am a citizen of America. I have known Umar for more than 5 years as I met him during the first year of my college when we were in the same class in the UCLA. After completing our education, we drifted a little apart when we were hired in different organizations but somehow, Umar made it possible to meet every once in a while and discuss our lives together.

Last week, he told me that he wants to move to United States permanently and in order to apply for the immigration; he has to present a letter of recommendation along with reference or character letter from a work colleague or a friend who is a citizen of America. Being his best friend, I offered him to write this letter.

Since I have known Umar, I have seen him as a very good and noble human being. He is a Muslim and I can safely say that he is one of the best people that I have known in my entire life. He is against any kind of violation and his record in the college is a living proof of what I am claiming about him. I hope these words are enough for the fair consideration of immigration and after reviewing this letter, you will consider him as a good candidate for the citizenship of USA.

Full name and signature

College Recommendation Letter

University Recommendation Letter

When thousands of students apply in each high ranking university, the administration of the university has to make sure that they filter the less important applicants in the beginning of the process so that they can land on the best students that applied for the education. There are many ways to do so as each university has its own filtering process for the applicants but most or almost every of the high ranking university well receives the recommendation letters that the applicants send with their applications. A university recommendation letter is a letter written by the teacher discussing the qualities and potential of a student and recommending him or her for the educational program that they are going to apply in the near future.

Brief description of University Recommendation Letter:

Most of the universities around the world rely on the recommendations made from the teachers and professors of the applicants who apply for educational programs in the institute. This is a very easy way to assess the potential in the students and to make sure that the university only selects the best candidates for the programs. This way we can say that when a student applies for a program in a university with the recommendation letter(s) written by his or her teachers, they have an extra edge over the students that aren’t recommended by anyone from their high school or college.

In the University Recommendation Letter, the teacher introduces him or herself after mentioning the name of the student that they are recommending in the letter. After that, they discuss the qualities of the students that they observed while teaching the mentioned student in the class along with his progress in the session and the tests conducted in the class room. Another important thing the teacher mention in this recommendation letter is their personal assessment about the student. This assessment is purely observatory based on the behavior and progress of the student during the educational session but universities know that the assessment of a teacher is rarely false. This is why when they see a recommendation letter with excellent assessment remarks; they immediately know that this is one of the students they should consider for their program.

Sample University Recommendation Letter

To whom it may concern,

Charles Wilmore is one of my students and I am writing this letter in order to recommend him for the business program that he has applied in your university. I am one of his teachers and I used to teach him literature. This is the reason that when he told us he wants to pursue his educational career in the field of English literature, I was the one he asked to write this recommendation letter.

Charlie is one of the best students that I have seen in my teaching career. He shows dedication to the studies. He has very good concentration power and he has the ability to learn very fast and better than most of the other students. This is why I never worried about him in the class and when the other students were struggling with the complicated literature lectures, he was the one explaining each and everything to them after school.

I hope these words are enough to get him in the line of the final candidates for the program in your university. I hope you will give him enough consideration and will consider my recommendation in order to make the final decision.

Full name and signature

College Recommendation Letter

Recommendation Letter for a Friend

If a person works in an office where he has personal relations i.e. friendship with his coworkers, he might ask them to write him a recommendation letter as a friend for the next employer that will consider hiring him. This letter serves additional benefits besides the common employment recommendation letter that is written by the employer or supervisor. This letter includes a personal touch from the writer as well as it also includes all the formalities required for a professional recommendation letter for a job hunt.

Brief Description of Recommendation Letter for a Friend:

In this letter, he will discuss how good you are at your job and how the other employers can benefit from your skills and abilities. With this letter, you can make sure that when you apply for a job, your application will not be thrown in the trash and the employer will give you fair consideration before moving to the next candidate. In most cases, the applicants attach the recommendation letters without any demand from the employer where in some cases, the recruiters include the condition in the job advertisement that the applicants are asked to attach their recommendation letters with the job applications. If the employer or recruiter has mentioned that the applicants have to attach their recommendation letters with the job application, you have to do it to but if he didn’t include any such condition in the job advertisement, it is completely up to you if you want to send the recommendation letter from your friend and former boss with the job application or not.

Sample Recommendation Letter for a Friend

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter as the recommendation for my friend Jackson Paul for the position of senior purchase manager in your company. You may feel that I have very good feelings about Jackson and its might be because of my friendship with him but you should know that I have worked with him for almost ten years and we both were in the purchase department working side by side with each other.

When you meet Jackson, it is really hard to see how good of a person he is but when you get to know him for a while, he will prove himself as one of the best employees and friends that anyone can have. You may wonder that if he is that good, why he is searching for a new job and the reason for that is because he had to leave his former position in my company because of the financial problems that his father faced. When his father called, he didn’t care for anything else but to be there for him in his hard time.

I can safely say that Jackson is the best employee a company and any employer can ever imagine. He will not only fulfill all of your assumptions and expectations but will prove to be the most useful asset for the organization. I hope you will consider my recommendation letter and will give him a fair chance.

Full name and signature

College Recommendation Letter

Teacher Recommendation Letter

When a person is applying for a teaching job in a school, college or university and he or she wants to increase their chances for getting the job, they use teacher recommendation letters. A teacher recommendation letter is written on behalf of the applicant for the position by the teacher who taught the applicant in the past and now recommending him or her for the teacher’s job in a college or university. In this letter, the writer describes the personality of the applicant along with the skills and abilities that will help him or her on the job.

Brief Description of Teacher Recommendation Letter:

If you have completed your studies and now you want to apply for job as a teacher in a school, college or university, you should send a recommendation letter with the job application. This recommendation letter with describe you in the words of a teacher who once taught you and spent time with you. With the words used by the teacher in the recommendation letter, you can get one step closer to get the job that you want. You can ask your former teachers and professors to write a glowing recommendation letter for you specifically for the job of a teacher or you can also use the recommendation letters given by your teachers during your education years.

Sample Teacher Recommendation Letter

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter in order to give my recommendation for John Gilmore for the position of English teacher in your school. I have spent more than enough time with John both when he was just a student in my school and again when I hired him as a substitute English teacher for 6 months. By reviewing the time spent with him, I can safely say that he is a great student and a great motivational speaker as a teacher.

I have this habit of visiting teachers in the class while they are teaching. This helps me analyze their abilities and evaluate them as the motivator for the students. This means that I have also visited John while he was giving lectures and by reviewing his method of teaching and how he continuously motivates students towards the subject, I am very sure that you and your students will like him a lot.

You may wonder why I don’t appoint him in my school and the reason for that is because he wants to work near his hometown so that he can visit his family on weekends without traveling too much around the states. This is something that you can provide him and I can’t. Other than that, there is nothing keeping me from keeping John in my school.

I can’t say that if you don’t go with John, you will make a mistake but I can say that you will miss to see an amazing person and a more amazing teacher. I hope with these words, you will consider him for the teaching position in your school and will give him a fair chance of winning this position.

Full name and signature

College Recommendation Letter

Recommendation Letter for Nursing School

When a nurse decides to resign from a hospital and wants to apply for the nursing job in another hospital or healthcare facility, a recommendation letter can help her to land on the job that she wants. If you are resigning from your job as a nurse, you should ask your supervisor or head nurse to write you a recommendation letter based on the time that you have spend in the hospital. This recommendation letter will help you during the process of applying and interviewing for the same or better job in another healthcare facility.

Brief Description of Recommendation Letter for Nursing School:

A nurse is a professional who works in harmony both with the patients and the doctors. This way we can say that a nurse is a vital and mandatory part of a healthcare facility i.e. hospital or private clinic. It is much better to work with the nurses that are working in the same healthcare facility for years as compared to the nurses that keep on coming and going for short period of time.

This means that the longer you keep nursing staff in your hospital, the more comfortable you get working with them and the more you can rely on their skills and abilities. Although it is better not to let go any of the nurses from your healthcare facility but even under any circumstance if a nurse wants to leave, he or she will require a recommendation letter from the hospital supervisor or head nurse as this letter will help them to land on another job in another hospital preferred by them.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Nursing School

To whom it may concern,

I am very happy to write this recommendation/reference letter for Michele Kelley who has applied in your hospital for the position of nurse in the cardiology department.

I have known Michele for more than 3 years because before she entered in our school, I was already friends with her because we share the same building. I have known her in my personal life as well as in the professional career when she was studying medicine in our school and I have to say that she is an amazing human being as well as a very brilliant and intelligent student.

I remember that during the studies, she used to come to me after the classes and we used to discuss different elements and perspectives of medicine and healthcare for hours. Being a teacher, I am used to see extraordinary potential in students every now and then but with Michele, it’s something very interesting and uncommon. You can discuss whatever you want with her and you won’t notice how many hours have passed.

When she told me that she had decided to apply for the job of nurse in your hospital, I was very happy for her. Before she could ask me, I offered her to write a glowing recommendation letter. I hope you will sincerely consider the words I have said above about Michele and will give her a fair chance of winning this position.

Full name and signature

College Recommendation Letter

Employment Recommendation Letter

An Employment Recommendation Letter is a recommendation letter from former employers and supervisors mentioning the potential and skills of an employee and to recommending his services for the next employers and organizations that might take interest hiring him or her. An Employment Recommendation Letter is a formal letter that is written with precise content in which the employer discusses the qualities and abilities of a certain employee that worked for him in the past and with this letter, he recommends that employee to the other employers and companies and asks them to give him a fair chance.

Brief description of Employment Recommendation Letter:

Sometimes even if you have really good education and more than enough experience in your career, it is quite hard to find a vacancy and land on a job. This is why it is really important that in order to land on a good position in a growing organization, you use all the opportunities at your disposal. This includes sending the recommendation letters from your former employers and supervisors who you worked for in the past. Before we go any further, it is important to discuss that an employee only gets the recommendation letters from the employers who he had very good professional relationships with.

This means if you left a job with an angry resignation letter; don’t suppose you will get a recommendation letter or even the experience letter in some cases. While working on the job, you can receive recommendation letters from your employer or supervisor with the skills and abilities that you show on the job and with the dedication for the work. Besides that, if you have worked very hard for an employer, there are good chances that if you decided to leave the company in order to pursue your career in a better organization, your employer will write you an employment recommendation letter.

Sample Employment Recommendation Letter

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter in order to discuss Cathy M. Jones with you and to recommend her for the position of executive secretary in your organization. Cathy has worked under my supervision for more than 5 years until recently when she had to resign from the job because of her mother’s medical condition and now that she is back in the game, we can’t find a suitable position for her in our company and as she stated, she won’t accept anything less than what she deserve.

During the time that she worked with me, I found her very hard working and dedicated to the job and the responsibilities of the job. I think she is one of the few employees in our company that never took a sick or personal day because she actually enjoys working as a team members.

With this letter, I am recommending her for the above mentioned position in your company and I hope you will consider my recommendation and will give her a fair chance.

Full name and signature