College Recommendation Letter

If a person works in an office where he has personal relations i.e. friendship with his coworkers, he might ask them to write him a recommendation letter as a friend for the next employer that will consider hiring him. This letter serves additional benefits besides the common employment recommendation letter that is written by the employer or supervisor. This letter includes a personal touch from the writer as well as it also includes all the formalities required for a professional recommendation letter for a job hunt.

Brief Description of Recommendation Letter for a Friend:

In this letter, he will discuss how good you are at your job and how the other employers can benefit from your skills and abilities. With this letter, you can make sure that when you apply for a job, your application will not be thrown in the trash and the employer will give you fair consideration before moving to the next candidate. In most cases, the applicants attach the recommendation letters without any demand from the employer where in some cases, the recruiters include the condition in the job advertisement that the applicants are asked to attach their recommendation letters with the job applications. If the employer or recruiter has mentioned that the applicants have to attach their recommendation letters with the job application, you have to do it to but if he didn’t include any such condition in the job advertisement, it is completely up to you if you want to send the recommendation letter from your friend and former boss with the job application or not.

Sample Recommendation Letter for a Friend

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter as the recommendation for my friend Jackson Paul for the position of senior purchase manager in your company. You may feel that I have very good feelings about Jackson and its might be because of my friendship with him but you should know that I have worked with him for almost ten years and we both were in the purchase department working side by side with each other.

When you meet Jackson, it is really hard to see how good of a person he is but when you get to know him for a while, he will prove himself as one of the best employees and friends that anyone can have. You may wonder that if he is that good, why he is searching for a new job and the reason for that is because he had to leave his former position in my company because of the financial problems that his father faced. When his father called, he didn’t care for anything else but to be there for him in his hard time.

I can safely say that Jackson is the best employee a company and any employer can ever imagine. He will not only fulfill all of your assumptions and expectations but will prove to be the most useful asset for the organization. I hope you will consider my recommendation letter and will give him a fair chance.

Full name and signature

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