College Recommendation Letter

When thousands of students apply in each high ranking university, the administration of the university has to make sure that they filter the less important applicants in the beginning of the process so that they can land on the best students that applied for the education. There are many ways to do so as each university has its own filtering process for the applicants but most or almost every of the high ranking university well receives the recommendation letters that the applicants send with their applications. A university recommendation letter is a letter written by the teacher discussing the qualities and potential of a student and recommending him or her for the educational program that they are going to apply in the near future.

Brief description of University Recommendation Letter:

Most of the universities around the world rely on the recommendations made from the teachers and professors of the applicants who apply for educational programs in the institute. This is a very easy way to assess the potential in the students and to make sure that the university only selects the best candidates for the programs. This way we can say that when a student applies for a program in a university with the recommendation letter(s) written by his or her teachers, they have an extra edge over the students that aren’t recommended by anyone from their high school or college.

In the University Recommendation Letter, the teacher introduces him or herself after mentioning the name of the student that they are recommending in the letter. After that, they discuss the qualities of the students that they observed while teaching the mentioned student in the class along with his progress in the session and the tests conducted in the class room. Another important thing the teacher mention in this recommendation letter is their personal assessment about the student. This assessment is purely observatory based on the behavior and progress of the student during the educational session but universities know that the assessment of a teacher is rarely false. This is why when they see a recommendation letter with excellent assessment remarks; they immediately know that this is one of the students they should consider for their program.

Sample University Recommendation Letter

To whom it may concern,

Charles Wilmore is one of my students and I am writing this letter in order to recommend him for the business program that he has applied in your university. I am one of his teachers and I used to teach him literature. This is the reason that when he told us he wants to pursue his educational career in the field of English literature, I was the one he asked to write this recommendation letter.

Charlie is one of the best students that I have seen in my teaching career. He shows dedication to the studies. He has very good concentration power and he has the ability to learn very fast and better than most of the other students. This is why I never worried about him in the class and when the other students were struggling with the complicated literature lectures, he was the one explaining each and everything to them after school.

I hope these words are enough to get him in the line of the final candidates for the program in your university. I hope you will give him enough consideration and will consider my recommendation in order to make the final decision.

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