College Recommendation Letter

When a teacher wants one or some of his or her students to definitely get into good college after completing graduation, they write the student recommendation letters. A Student Recommendation Letter is an appraisal letter from the teacher that includes the qualities of a student and the potential that could lead the student to a bright future if he is given good educational opportunities in the college or university.

Brief Description of Student Recommendation Letter:

It is pretty clear from the title that when a teacher writes a recommendation letter for a student, he writes him a recommendation letter so that he has better chances getting into a good college. Usually the teacher writes this letter during the educational session of each class by evaluating the tests conducted in the class. Even if the teacher doesn’t write the recommendation letter, the students can also ask their teachers for the recommendation letters.

A Recommendation Letter gives an extra edge to the students who are applying in the college or university after graduation or post graduation. When there are thousands of students applying in each college, each of them has very slight chance of getting in any of them. This is where the student recommendation letter comes handy as this can enhance the chance of a student to get into a good college. Some of the colleges and universities mention in the advertisement that they will entertain the applications with recommendation letters better than the ones that don’t have any such letters but most of the time, it depends on each student if he wants to send a recommendation letter with the application or not.

As a teacher if you are looking for useful tips about writing a Student Recommendation Letter, you should know that this is a formal and simple letter. There is nothing complicated in it. When you describe one of your students in the letter, just follow what you think about him and discuss his qualities that led you to recommend him to the administration of a college or university. You can reference the tests that you conducted in the educational session and the progress of the student that you want to recommend in each test. In this manner, you can also discuss the extracurricular activities that the recommended student is involved along with his regular studies.

Sample Student Recommendation Letter

To whom it may concern,

Tom Wilson is a very bright and intelligent student and I have known him for almost 2 years. I was his English teacher in the junior high school and as the one who met him for almost every day of the past 2 months; I can safely say that if you want to go with him, you are investing in the safe place.

Tom is a very good and hardworking student and he has proven himself to be one of the best students of our school. This is the reason that when he told me that he wants to apply in your college for business administration program, I offered him this recommendation letter in order to tell you that I am totally with him and will appreciate if you consider his application and give him a fair chance.

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