College Recommendation Letter

An Employment Recommendation Letter is a recommendation letter from former employers and supervisors mentioning the potential and skills of an employee and to recommending his services for the next employers and organizations that might take interest hiring him or her. An Employment Recommendation Letter is a formal letter that is written with precise content in which the employer discusses the qualities and abilities of a certain employee that worked for him in the past and with this letter, he recommends that employee to the other employers and companies and asks them to give him a fair chance.

Brief description of Employment Recommendation Letter:

Sometimes even if you have really good education and more than enough experience in your career, it is quite hard to find a vacancy and land on a job. This is why it is really important that in order to land on a good position in a growing organization, you use all the opportunities at your disposal. This includes sending the recommendation letters from your former employers and supervisors who you worked for in the past. Before we go any further, it is important to discuss that an employee only gets the recommendation letters from the employers who he had very good professional relationships with.

This means if you left a job with an angry resignation letter; don’t suppose you will get a recommendation letter or even the experience letter in some cases. While working on the job, you can receive recommendation letters from your employer or supervisor with the skills and abilities that you show on the job and with the dedication for the work. Besides that, if you have worked very hard for an employer, there are good chances that if you decided to leave the company in order to pursue your career in a better organization, your employer will write you an employment recommendation letter.

Sample Employment Recommendation Letter

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter in order to discuss Cathy M. Jones with you and to recommend her for the position of executive secretary in your organization. Cathy has worked under my supervision for more than 5 years until recently when she had to resign from the job because of her mother’s medical condition and now that she is back in the game, we can’t find a suitable position for her in our company and as she stated, she won’t accept anything less than what she deserve.

During the time that she worked with me, I found her very hard working and dedicated to the job and the responsibilities of the job. I think she is one of the few employees in our company that never took a sick or personal day because she actually enjoys working as a team members.

With this letter, I am recommending her for the above mentioned position in your company and I hope you will consider my recommendation and will give her a fair chance.

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