Call Center is a place where salesmen talk to potential customers on phone and convince them to buy from them. Companies and manufacturers give description of their products and services to the call center and these details are transferred from the Call Center Manager to the agents. These agents receive details or lists of phone numbers of possible customers and after contacting them, they inform them about the product or service they are selling and convince them to buy it from them.

If a person works as call center agent, it is pretty obvious that he is doing this job on temporary basis because of so many reasons. For example, this job doesn’t pay very well. You can’t adopt this career for long term basis. The experience doesn’t count because you don’t meet with people but just make phone calls. These are the common reasons that people usually prefer call center agent job as temporary or part time and as soon they land on a better job, they resign from their position. The resignation letter that is given below will help you leave your job as call center agent.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Call Center Agent Resignation Letter written to help our visitors to get started with this type of letter writing,

Call Center Agent Resignation Letter

Here is download link for this Call Center Agent Resignation Letter,
Download Call Center Agent Resignation Letter 

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