A Data Entry Operator is a computer operator that receives different types of data files from different departments in an organization and feeds those data files in the database via computer and internet. This is a very simple and easy job but even with this fact, the operator has to take great care of how to arrange the data and how to put it in the database so that other users can easily retrieve it whenever they want.

When a Data Entry Operator wants to quit his job, he has to write a formal resignation letter to his employer who is usually the database administrator. Once the Database Administrator makes sure that there is no error in the database and the operator is leaving this job for the exact reason he stated in the resignation letter, his application is approved and he is provided with his last paycheck within the notice period. It is not very common but sometimes the Database Administrator requests to the operator to extend his notice period so that he can train his substitute about the responsibilities and duties of his position as data entry operator.

Sample Data Entry Operator Resignation Letter

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Subject: resignation letter


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Dear (Recipient’s name),

In reference with my previous resignation notice, I am writing this letter to inform you that I am resigning from my job with 2 week notice period from the time you receive this letter.

As you can recall, when I discussed the situation with my HOD about leaving my job, you were also there with us and you can remember that the HOD agreed with my decision. With that reference in mind, I hope you will accept my resignation and allow me to leave this company.

When I joined this company, I explained to the recruiter that I am currently studying and I am going to consider this job as temporary and I will leave as soon I complete my studies. As it turned out, I have received my graduation degree last week and after discussing it with the HR; I found out that currently there are no vacancies for me according to the education credentials. This is why I decided to leave this job and pursue my professional career in some other company on a better job.

I have worked in this company as data entry operator for over a year and the skills I learned from this organization and especially from you as my employer, my superior and my mentor, will help me land on a better job and perform well. I hope you are also satisfied with my services and you will give me a recommendation letter.

I have given you 2 week notice period so that you can hire a substitute on my position along with arranging for my final paycheck and writing a recommendation letter for me. I hope 2 weeks are enough for all this and even if you want to extend the notice period, kindly let me know and we will figure something out.

Yours faithful,

Employee’s name:

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