Bank Manager is the most important employee in any bank. This is the professional that knows how to run a bank and how to supervise and manage the employees in the bank. Usually banks don’t hire managers directly on this position but lower level employees are promoted and posted on this position. This means that if a person is a bank manager, he mostly probably started his career as a bank teller in the beginning and with experience; he got promoted and got on the top as manager.

There are many things that a Bank Manager has to take care before he can resign from his position. As it is pretty obvious that banks deal with money and accounts so when a bank manager wants to resign from his job, he has to authenticate all the accounts and assist the auditors to verify that there is no financial loophole or error in the accounts and books. Once the manager receives NOC letter from the accountants or auditors, he can attach it with the resign letter and send it to management for approval.

Sample Bank Manager Resignation Letter

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Designation in the bank:
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Subject: resignation letter


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Dear (Recipient’s name),

As I mentioned in the stakeholders’ meeting last week that I am going to resign from my job, consider this letter as my formal resignation letter from the position of bank manager.

I have worked in this bank for more than 10 years. I started here with the position of bank teller and with experience and my skills, I got on the top of the staff with the position of branch manager and I am handling the responsibilities of a manager for last 2 years.

As I stated in the meeting that there is nothing wrong with the bank or the management and I am not leaving because of anything related to either of the above but just because my father is very sick these days and as my family lives back in California which is also my hometown, I can’t take care of my family especially my father in the time when he needs me while working from New York. This is the one and only reason that I have to leave this job and move back to California and be with my father for some time.

It’s been so long that I can’t remember when the last time I took a day off from work was and I am hoping to spend this time with my family and not worry about the work at all. I appreciate what this organization has done for me and I want to show my gratitude to the management who always took great initiative to make sure the employees in the bank work comfortably.

I hope you will accept my resignation and find a substitute for my position in the 1 week notice. Please arrange for my final and last paycheck before I leave town next week.

Yours faithful,

Employee’s name:

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