As an employee of an organization, if you find out that there is an opening in another department with more responsibilities and higher pay grade and the company will hire from inside, you can avail this option and apply for the position. But, before you do so, you should ask one of your colleagues to write you a recommendation letter in which he will appreciate working with you and will recommend you to the position that you want to apply. It is possible that the recruiter or the supervisor of the other department doesn’t require any recommendation letters from the applicants but if you send one anyway, it will give you an extra edge over the other applicants.

Brief Description of Recommendation Letter for Colleague:

Whether you want to write a recommendation letter for a colleague or you asked one of your colleagues to write a recommendation letter for you, you should start with understanding and explaining the job that either of you wants to apply in the company. With this explanation, the writer can understand what the requirements of the job are and how he can portray the applicant as the most suitable candidate for the position.

Keep in mind that this letter is a formal and very professional letter and even if you are friends with the employee who is applying for the position in the company, you should keep this letter formal. Start by introducing the friend who asked you to write this recommendation letter and then introduce yourself along with your position and job responsibilities in the company. After that, discuss the time that you have spent with the applicant both in work place and outside of the work as a friend. In this part, you can discuss the qualities and skills of the applicant that attract you the most and then you can compare these skills with the job requirements of the position.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Colleague

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this reference letter on behalf of Mr. Tom Keen who has applied for the position of senior vice president in your organization. I have known Tom for more than 7 years as we have worked together in the company that I am currently employed.

I met Tom 7 years ago in the annual meeting of the internal departments in the company and soon, we found many things common and our mutual interests led to the friendship that we share to this day. I have known Tom in the best of his times and worst of his times as well and I have to say that he is one of the strongest people that I have known in my entire life. I mean you can throw any kind of problem on him and he will handle it in a way that will be surprising for most of us.

We shared the workplace along with spending time together outside of the world with along with our family members and even if I am very sad to understand that he has left the company, I am also very happy for him because he deserves a better job with better career opportunities. Therefore, I am recommending Tom Keen for the position of senior vice president in your organization and I hope you will give a sincere consideration to him.

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