An accountant is a professional that handles all the financial and money related transactions in an organization. The key responsibility of an accountant is to monitor and supervise cash inflow and outflow in a company. Even when a company is accommodating an accountant very good, there are many chances that it can’t force the employees to stick with the company for any longer which means the accountant in a company has to resign from his job and pursue a better job in a better organization. In order to leave his job, he is required to inform the employer and management of the organization about his decision and let them know that he is going to leave the company on the mentioned date. This is done with the accountant resignation letter.

Many things are important to include in the resignation letter along with some factors that the accountant has to take care before leaving the company. For example, in the resignation letter, the accountant has to mention a specific date on which he will leave the company along with providing a particular period of time known as notice period in which the employer can find a substitute for his position.

Before leaving the company, the accountant is also required to get a NOC letter from the head of accounts department mentioning that the accountant has filled all the documents and assisted the other employees to match or compare the books to make sure there is no error and mistake in the accounts. The accountant is also required to mention in the resignation letter if he has already found another job or he will continue searching for one after leaving the company. This way the employer can easily evaluate if it’s possible to extend the notice period if it’s necessary for the company.

Sample Accountant Resignation Letter

Employee’s name:
Designation in company:
Contact number:
Email address:

Subject: Resignation Letter


Employer’s name:
Designation in company:
Company name:
Department info:

Dear (Recipient’s name),

I am writing this formal resignation letter to inform you that I am leaving this job and this resignation will be effective 2 weeks after you receive the letter.

With this letter, I am also giving you my 2 week notice period and you can avail this time to find a substitute for my position. Also note that I am willing to and will appreciate to train the new employee for the responsibilities and duties of my position if you want.

I want to tell you that the 2 years that I have worked in this company under your supervision is the best time that I have spent in my professional career and I hope to work with someone just like you in the next company that I will join.

I hope that you accept my resignation and take essential steps to find a substitute for my position along with preparing my final paycheck before I leave this company. If you have any further questions or queries, I am here to help you out in any way possible.

Yours faithful,

Employee’s name:

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