Administrative assistant is like an executive secretary who works for more than one executive staff member in an office. Usually when there are many executive level staff members work in an office and none of them require a dedicated assistant, an administrative assistant is hired who works as assistant for multiple staff members and provide his assistance to them in routine work activities.

Usually these administrative assistants are hired with the expectation that they will leave the company and join another company with better pay scale with the help of the experience they acquired on this position. This is the reason that mostly students are hired on these position are studying in master’s classes and as soon they receive their master’s degree, they prefer to work on a higher and more important and sophisticated position. If the employer can’t find such position for them in the company, they are allowed to resign from their job and join another organization. Before an administrative assistant decides to leave the company, he is required to send formal resignation letter to his employer and inform him about his decision along with giving his notice period which can be 1 week to 1 month depending on each particular situation.

Sample Administrative Assistant Resignation Letter

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Subject: Resignation Letter


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Dear (Recipient’s name),

Please consider this letter as my final resignation notification and accept my request to leave this company.

I have worked in this organization as your administrative secretary/assistant for more than 1 year and even if I don’t want to leave this company, it is time to pursue a better career in another organization on a different position on which I can use my professional skills and education credentials to prove myself.

I want to tell you that during my employment in this company, all of my coworkers were very kind especially you. It was a really tough decision to leave a boss like you but I have to think of providing for my family with better salary which is not possible on this assistant job. If you can recall, you will remember that when I joined this company, I informed you that this is just a temporary job and as soon I complete my master’s degree, I will ask you if you can find a better space for me in your office or I will join another company. I informed you before about the situation and you advised me that as there is no suitable position for me in this office, I should find a better job in another company.

Besides your kind and polite behavior, I won’t forget what I have learned during working with you and I will try my best to dedicate my skills to you no matter where I work in my future. You are like a big brother for me who is also a mentor and I have learned a lot from you.

I hope you will accept my resignation and agree with the 2 week notice period and arrange for my final paycheck before I leave this company.

Yours faithful,

Employee’s name:

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