There are various laws and government regulations preventing employers and organizations to terminate their employees without solid and proper reason and this is why when an employer decides to terminate an employee, all the necessary steps are taken with great care. Usually when an employer doesn’t want to create problems for him, the employee and the management of the company, he asks the employee with bad performance to leave the company and resign from his job voluntarily.

This is done by sending a formal notice to the employee explaining why the employer has taken this final step and why it’s important for the employee to resign from his job. It is very unlikely that after receiving such notice, an employee rejects it and decides to take legal steps against the employer. Mostly, when an employee receives such notice, he understands the factors that led to this situation and he agrees with it so that he can leave the company and start his career in some other organization without putting a bad example of his work history on the resume after being fired from the job.

Sample Resignation Demand Letter

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Subject: Resignation Demand Letter


Employee’s name:
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Dear (Recipient’s name),

I am writing this formal letter to your in order to ask you to resign from your position voluntarily and I hope after reviewing the factors explained below, you will show respect for the management of this organization and resign from your position without creating further problem for our company.

I have received number of complaints from HR department and many employees in your department stating that you are not respectful to your subordinates and your performance is continuously dropping after your divorce last year. I can understand that it was quite a shock for you when your spouse decided to leave you but you should understand that it’s not very clever to put your job on jeopardy and do what you are doing for quite some time.

You were late on your job for at least 10-15 days each month. You stop taking care of yourself and didn’t notice that sometimes you come in office in the same clothes as the day before. Besides personal hygiene and being late, you were also disrespectful to your subordinates and many times you exchange very harsh words with your coworkers. Along with all these problems, the biggest problem was that your performance is down the hill for at least 8 months and despite of reminding you many times about this issue, you didn’t respond and this is the major fact that led to your termination.

You should understand that I am not your enemy and as you are working for this company for more than 5 years, I have a soft spot for you in my heart and because of that, I convinced the upper management not to fire you but to ask you to resign so you can take some time out and sort out your problems. You should understand that if you resign by yourself, it won’t make a difference on your resume unlike if you are terminated which will create more serious problems for you.

I hope you will understand the situation and accept this situation by resigning from your position in next 3-5 days.

Yours sincere,

Employer’s name:

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