A Resignation Letter is a formal notification from the employee to the employer about his decision that he is leaving the job and informing the employer about his decision so that he can find a substitute within the notice period. There is nothing such thing as types of resignation letters but just different formats and method of sending this news to the employer in different ways. Most people use this letter just to inform the employer that they have finally decided to leave the job and join another company. Whereas some employees explain their experience in the company along with behavior of the employer and if something bad happened to them during the employment, they usually prefer to include it because they don’t want to come back to this company again.

Others and most of the people use a polite and courteous tone in the resignation letter. They simply inform the employer about their decision of leaving the job and as they appreciate his behavior of employer and the time they spend with each other during the employment, they prefer to show their gratitude towards the employer in order to keep their options open. With this polite resignation letter, even if the employee who left the company comes back and asks the employer that he once again wants to join the company, there are still some chances that the employer will consider his application because of the way he ended the things with him with the resignation letter.

Sample Polite Resignation Letter

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Subject: resignation letter


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Dear (Recipient’s name),

As you know I am searching for a new job in another company for some time and now that I have found one, I am sending you this formal resignation letter with 1 week of notice period.

I have worked in this company under your supervision for more than 2 years and I am very glad to state that you are one of the best employers that I have worked with in my entire career. It was a great time that I spent here in this company working with you and other than the good memories that we share, I learned a lot from you. The skills, abilities and expertise that I have gained in the past 2 years are only become possible because of your courteous and polite behavior with me and other subordinates of yours.

I am not very happy about leaving you and this company but we both know that this company is not a good fit for me on the long run and it was just a matter of time that I run out of options so I took the initiative and applied in other companies and I got the job. With this resignation letter, I want to appreciate your efforts and kind behavior with me and show my gratitude towards your courtesy. I hope you will accept my resignation letter and find substitute within the notice period.

Yours sincere,

Employee’s name:

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