Introduction to on-demand Resignation Letter:

Usually when an employee decides to leave a company, it’s his own decision either because of personal issues or to pursue better career in another company but there are some situations in which the employee feels that its better he leaves the company or he is asked by the employer or other employees to leave and resign from his job. In either case, when the employee isn’t resigning voluntarily from his job, it’s considered as forced resignation or resignation on demand from the company.

In this particular situation, the employee sends this resignation letter to the employer or management of the company and let them know that he has decided to leave the company along with explaining the reasons for doing so.

Usually before an employee sends such type of resignation letter, it’s not only it but there is series of events including the formal complaint to the employer and then taking personal steps to deal with the problem in the workplace and finally the last decision about leaving the company and exiting the bad situation without any harm to one’s self.

Sample On-Demand Resignation Letter

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Dear (Recipient’s name),

I am writing this resignation letter to you in order to formally inform you that I am resigning from my job and I am giving you 1 week of notice period so that you can find another employee for this position.

I don’t think that I need to discuss the reasons of leaving this job because as the employer and boss, you know the behavior of other employees especially the purchase department towards me and the kind of words they use behind my back.

It’s not like I have done something wrong but I just did what I was hired to do and what you expected me to do and evaluating the performance of all the departments in this company was also part of my job. When I encountered the financial errors in the patty cash receipts and confronted the employees in the accounts department, their attitude towards me showed me that it’s just a matter of time and I will have to resign from this job sooner or later. I didn’t want to but I had to so I am also sending you some of the notes and emails from the accounts department that they sent me and you can see that most of them are clear violation of company policies as they include threat notes and warnings.

I have tried my best to make peace with those guys but I guess that just don’t want to see me in this company anymore and I have no other choice than to leave this company with still some dignity at my expense. I hope you will accept my resignation and even if I won’t be here, you will take some steps to resolve this problem.

Yours sincere,

Employee’s name:

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