When an employee doesn’t want to hurt the employer by the notice of leaving the job, he has to be very careful with the words that he uses in the notification letter that is also known as the resignation letter. Also, he needs to use a polite and courteous tone in the letter as well. The resignation letter that is sent by the employee to the employer with gratitude and courteous feelings i.e. feeling hurt and sorry for leaving the job; is known as the courteous resignation letter. Usually the employee appreciates the time he has spent on the job with the employer and praises his efforts and attitude towards the employee.

Mostly when a relationship ends either professional or personal, at least one side is hurt with it. In this case, when an employee resigns from his job, either he is feeling hurt or the employer is not happy about his decision. In either case, it is the job of the employee who is leaving the company to inform the employer about this news in neutral words and make sure to appreciate his efforts and the time they spent together so that even if the employer is not happy about his decision, he can make peace with it.

Sample Courteous Resignation Letter

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Subject: formal resignation letter


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Dear (Recipient’s name),

I am very sorry to inform you that I am leaving this job and hereby notifying you with this formal resignation letter.

I have worked at this company for more than 5 years and all that time, I worked directly under your supervision. I have to say that these five years are my best years and I will never forget what I have learned from you and the polite behavior of yours towards subordinates especially me.

I know you feel it to that we two have something special in between us besides the professional relationship which is the friendship that we share. When I started my job at this company, I was very nervous because it was my first job but I have to admit that even if I haven’t worked with any other employer, you are the best boss in the world and I am really hurt and feeling deep pain in my hear that I have to leave this job due to personal reasons and I can’t do anything about it.

I hope you will accept my resignation and as per the employment agreement, I am also giving you15 days of notice period which is enough for you to find a substitute for my designation at this company. I am also available to work with the substitute and train him about the responsibilities of this position and your expectations out of it if you want.  I would really appreciate if we can meet outside of office and share a cup of coffee sometime soon before I leave town for my new job in Scranton.

Yours sincere,

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