Resume is an important requirement for you if you are going to apply for a job but only a resume is not enough because a comprehensive cover letter should enclose your resume. The resume cover letter will introduce you to your potential employer so it should be properly written so that it can encourage potential employer to consider you for the job interview. You can put a first strong impression on the potential employer right from the beginning with the help of a well designed resume cover letter. It will make your job search really easy for you therefore try to design a complemented cover letter according to your resume.

When to Write Resume Cover Letter?

A well drafted and concise cover letter is usually written to make a difference in your job search because it is better way to convince hiring manager to call you for an interview call. It is the most important aspect of your resume because you can share some additional details in the cover letter other than your resume. A well written resume cover letter will increase your chances of getting an interview call. The basic purpose of resume cover letter is to persuade potential employer with your skills and abilities. Cover letter should portray your good first impression on potential employer.

General Guidelines to Write Resume Cover Letter:

Resume cover letter is important to write before sending your resume for a specific job in order to increase your chances of getting interview call. Following are some details that will help you to draft a comprehensive cover letter:

  • Resume cover letter is an official letter so keep it formal and address a specific person to personalize this letter. Divide your cover letter into different paragraphs where first paragraph will contain the name of position for which you are applying. Write your reference through which you hear about this job opening and write the name of person if he/she referred you to the hiring manager.
  • In the second paragraph, provide succinct synopsis of your career and qualifications for this job. You can write the name of specific degrees and line of work in which you have great experience.
  • Third paragraph of the resume cover letter is a great opportunity to explain why you are so important and right person for this job. Write your career achievements, skills and activities to prove you an asset for the company.
  • Write about your career within the company and highlight important achievements and work that you have done during your tenure of your current organization. Highlight only most important points because excessive details can increase the length of your resume cover letter.
  • Final paragraph will state call for action so in this paragraph you prompt hiring manger to call you for the interview so that you can further discuss your qualifications and abilities for the job. Do not forget to provide your contact address, numbers and email address for the convenience of potential employer.
  • Sign off professionally because it is important part of the resume cover letter. Finish your letter with “Sincerely” and write your full name after skipping few spaces.

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