As a customer, if you are not happy with the services and offers offered by a travel and tourism company, you should make a formal complaint to the company and let them know that they disrespected you, provided you wrong information and overcharged you or anything that you are angry with. The complaint letter to travel & tourism company is the formal application that is used for this purpose. You can easily draft this letter by yourself and there is nothing complicated with it. You just need to write to the right person in the company and provide details of what you want to discuss with him. If you have documented proofs, attach them with the letter to support your complaint.

Brief description of Complaint Letter to Travel & Tourism Company:

Usually we use a travel and tourism company just because it is easy to go in the office, take a look at the brochures, decide where we want to go on vacation and provide our requirements and needs to the travel agent and it’s done. These companies have made the travelling very easy and simple but on the same time, many of these companies make mistakes very frequently and rarely, they also misguide the customers too. If any of these things happens to you, you need to contact the supervisor or management of the company and inform them about your experience. This way you can ask them to solve it and make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to any customer again. If you have very serious allegations, you can also demand to be compensated in order to drop the complaint.

Sample Complaint Letter to Travel & Tourism Company

To: Supervisor/Manager

Ruby travel and tourism PVT LTD

463 Broadway, New York

Subject: complaint about your staff members and packages

Date: 19 February 2015

Dear Sir,

Last month on 13th, I visited one of your offices in North Avenue and met with Ashley. She is the ticketing agent in the agency and we asked her to tell us about a good vacation place for a family. She told us that we would really love Miami as it is very good around this time of year and beaches are very beautiful there. We agreed and told her that we have one child that will be going with us so we need a good hotel with at least 4 stars or better and the room should be quiet enough so that the baby can rest. We also told her that the hotel must be close to the beach and for the flight; we would really appreciate any flight after noon.

She agreed to everything and told us that all the things are arranged. But as it turned out that she was wrong. We didn’t have seats on the afternoon flight and we had to wake up early to board the plane. The hotel in Miami was 3 stars and wasn’t appropriate for a family with 16 months old child. Also it turned out that the hotel was at least half an hour away from the beach. We arrived yesterday in New York and I am very sorry to say but the trip was really disappointing. I have explained everything and I hope you will take care of this matter. Please contact me if you want to know or discuss anything else.


Adam Fore

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