If you want to cancel one or more credit cards that you use, you need to file a formal request with the bank or the credit card company asking them to cancel the credit card account that you provide in the request. This is a formal and official way to cancel a credit card these days and without writing the formal request, you can’t ask the authorities to cancel your credit card account. The official letter to cancel a credit card that we are discussing here is used for this purpose. You can draft this cancellation letter by yourself and there is no need to hire third party for this purpose. You just need to add the details of your credit card account, the company name and the reasons why you want to cancel or close this account.

Brief Description of Request Letter to Cancel a Credit Card:

There are many situations or reasons when people want to close their credit card accounts. First of all, you can understand that when you use a credit card, you need to pay some interest on it to the credit card company and when you have that money in your hands; you don’t need to pay the interest to the company. Secondly, many people prefer to use the debt card after using the credit card for a while as it doesn’t include any interest or other charges. Also there could be other reasons to do this such as having troubles with the credit card or encountering too many errors in the credit card statement that could lead to the cancellation of the card or switching to some other company.

If you have decided to cancel a credit card account and you no longer want to operate it, you need to make a formal cancellation request to the bank or the credit card company and ask them to close the account. You can either make the formal request by visiting the bank or sending them a letter to do this. In this letter, you need to include the credit card details that you want to close, the company name whose card you are using, reasons to cancel the credit card and your contact address so that you can receive the formal confirmation of closed account.

Sample Request Letter to Cancel a Credit Card

To: Senior Manager

Credit card department

Bank of Florida, main branch

New York NY 35094

Subject: credit card cancellation

Date: 12 February 2015

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter in order to inform you that I no longer want to use the credit card with number 6271-6593471-57261 anymore. This card is issued by your bank and I am using it for more than 1 year but now I want to switch to a debt card. This is why I am making the formal request to close my credit card account and let me know if there are any charges or credit in my account that I need to pay. I have included my contact details in the letter and when you close the account, please send me confirmation of this process.


Steven Harrison

Credit card number: 6271-6593471-57261


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