When a company or an individual wants to own a credit card, they have to write a formal request letter to the bank or a credit card company in order to start the process. This formal request is known as the application letter for credit card. When the bank receives this application, they start evaluating the value and reputation of the individual in order to allocate a specific credit limit for his credit card. This process can take any duration in between 6 business days to 1 month depending on the amount of credit the individual wants in his credit card.

Brief Description of Application Letter for Credit Card:

The application letter for credit card is a formal and very common letter that is written by individuals to the banks and credit card companies in order to get a new credit card. The process of issuing a new credit card to a customer takes some time and it starts when the client makes a formal request to the bank or credit card Company asking for the card. This letter is formal but there is no need to hire professional drafter or lawyer to prepare this letter but it just needs a formal request to the bank manager or any other person who is in charge of credit cards in the bank by the client and it can written by individuals very easily.

Sample Application Letter for Credit Card


To: senior manager

Capital Citizen bank, main branch

New York NY 35094

Subject: credit card issuance

Date: 3 February 2015

Dear Sir,

I am running a savings account in your bank with the number provided below for more than 5 years and up until now, I never felt the use of a credit card but as my business is expanding and I need to make additional expenses on daily basis, now it is very important for me to have a credit card. I am a regular customer of your bank for more than 4 years and that’s why I chose you to get the credit card.

I talked to one of your employees in the credit card department last week and he asked me to write a formal request letter to the bank manager for a new credit card. So here I am sending you this formal letter and making a request to issue me a credit card with credit limit of $50,000 or more.

I also have attached my account statement and you can see that I keep a good amount of cash in my account every time so I can assure you that I am not a liability for your bank. I have attached the testimony of one of your customers, Mr. Johnson and he has provided guaranty on behalf of me. So you can consider me request seriously.

I hope you will start the process as soon as possible. I have attached the required documents with this application and if there is anything else needed, please let me know.


Steven Britt

Account number: 7467-0910940-01846-10-1934


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