Landlord Letter to Decrease Rent

When the landlord increases the rent of a property and the tenants are not happy with it or can’t arrange for the extra money to pay the increased rent, they have the right to inform the landlord about their intentions and ask him formally to reconsider the rent increase decision so that they both can agree to mutual terms. The letter to landlord requesting to decrease the rent is the formal notice or request document that is written by the tenants to the landlord in order to ask him to decrease the rent or to give him an eviction notice in case he doesn’t want to decrease the rent.

Brief Description of Request Letter to Landlord Requesting to Decrease Rent:

Just like any business, when it comes to renting a property, it is possible that the landlord wants another thing but the tenants want something else. In order to stay in the business and keep renting it, the tenants and landlord are required to agree on mutual terms. For example, you rented a place for $500 per month and after 6 months, the landlord decides to increase the rent to $600 and informs you about the increase but you can’t find any way to pay the extra $100. You only have two choices; either you ask the landlord to decrease the rent or you give him a formal eviction notice and look for another place that you can easily afford within your income or salary. In either way, you need to contact the landlord as soon you are informed about the increase in the rent. This letter is written for this purpose and it’s a formal letter that any party can use for legal reasons i.e. law suit or property rent case in court.

Although it is formal but it’s not mandatory for the tenants to hire an attorney for drafting this letter but they can simply put a few sentences on a paper and inform the landlord about their intentions about the increased rent and request him to reconsider the decision. This way if the landlord doesn’t agree to decrease the rent, the tenants have the right to give him an eviction notice and find another place to move. The duration or notice period provided in the letter can be used by both parties. The landlord can use this time to arrange for the security deposit refund and to find new tenants where the tenants can use this time to find another place to move.

Sample Letter to Landlord Requesting to Decrease Rent

Landlord name:
Street address:
City, State:
Postal Code:

Subject: request to decrease rent

Date: 15 January 2015

Mr. Joseph,

I just received a formal notice of rent increase from you and I just want to let you know that I am not very happy with this decision. As you know, I don’t have that much income to pay for the raise in the rent and so, I just want to inform you that you should reconsider the decision and decrease the rent or else, I will start looking for another place and will move somewhere else within 30 days.

I hope you will consider my request and reconsider your decision.

Yours sincerely,

Tenant name:


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