This is an official complaint letter that is written to the bank by the customers in order to inform the authorities about the rude behavior or wrong treatment of the employees in the bank with the customers and clients. With this letter, the bank management can step in the matter and keep the customer from changing the bank because of rude behavior of the clerks or other employees in the bank.

Brief Description of “Rude Treatment of Bank Staff” Complaint Letter:

Businesses and companies know that the most important thing or asset in the business is the customer or client that conducts business with the company. This is why most of the professional companies and organizations take customer complaints very seriously and most of the time, even if the employees of a company aren’t wrong, the manager or supervisor puts the blame on them just to make the customer happy and make him feel valued in the company.

The same thing happens in banks and the managements know that the customers put their millions and billions of dollars in bank accounts and if there is any rude behavior or bad treatment done by bank employees, it can drive the customer away from the bank. This is why banks always appreciate customer complaints. If a customer thinks, or feels or actually sees that the employees in a bank are rude to him or not providing him services with satisfaction, he has the right to write this formal complaint letter to the bank and ask them to take action against that employee and resolve the issue.

Sample “Rude Treatment of Bank Staff” Complaint Letter:

To: senior manager

Standard Chartered bank, main branch

New York NY 35094

Subject: complaint letter about rude behavior of staff

Date: 17 January 2015

Dear Sir,

I am doing business with your bank for more than 1 year and during this past time, I didn’t have any complaint or problem with the services that you provide and how your employee provide them but I am very sorry to inform you that last week when I visited your bank for cashing some checks, your desk clerk was very rude to me.

When I feel that she is angry with something and not taking to me very well, I politely asked her if I have done something wrong and she again rudely treated me and not only that, but when I asked her to be polite, she intentionally kept me waiting besides the desk while meeting with other customers.

I honestly don’t know if I have somehow done something wrong or if she was having a bad day but this is not a way to treat clients and customers and I strongly protest it. I hope you will take notice of this misfortune and asked that lady what the original problem was and if I had offended her in some way or something else.

I hope you will take care of this matter and I won’t have to face the same problem again or I will consider my other options including leaving the bank and closing my accounts.


Riley T. James

Account number: 97-124201-5343-163917-19201


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