When a customer notices that the ATM machine that he usually uses, is often broken or out of service and he has to go to someplace else to get instant cash, he usually writes this complaint letter to the bank manager. In this letter, the customer informs the bank about their ATM machines and the problem that they are usually out of service more than often. This way the bank can take notice and fix or maintain the broken ATM machines in order to solve the customer’s complaints.

Brief description of “ATM often out of service” complaint letter:

These days’ people are so busy in their professional and personal lives that they can’t stand in lines in banks and wait for hours to get some money. As a solution, ATM machines are installed everywhere around us. With these machines, it is very easy and quick to get instant cash with ATM card. It is also very common that when hundreds of customers use an ATM machine, it breaks or doesn’t work properly. In this situation, the customers have the right to write a complaint letter to the related bank so that the management can take notice of the broken ATM machine and fix it. It is not a very common letter and usually it only happens once in every hundred chances that a customer has no choice other than informing the bank about their ATM machine problem and the fact that it usually is out of service as banks themselves take great care of these machines periodically.

Sample “ATM often out of service” complaint letter:

To: senior manager

West Virginia bank, main branch

New York NY 35094

Subject: ATM often out of service

Date: 10 January 2015

Dear Sir,

I opened account in your bank 2 years ago and your services were recommended to me by a close friend. As he portrayed your bank, I thought I will also enjoy your offers and services and up until a few weeks ago, everything was in order and I didn’t have any problem but for 4 to 6 weeks, when I use ATM machine, it’s often out of service.

I have tried many other locations where you have installed your ATM machines and got the same results. Apparently, there is nothing wrong with the machine and it seems to be connected with the network but somehow it can’t accept any ATM card or get customers cash. First I thought that maybe there is something wrong with my ATM card but while I was standing outside the ATM figuring out what to do, 3 more customers had the same problem and when I talked to them, they also complained that this is not a onetime thing but it happens very often.

So, here I am without any cash and waiting for the bank to open so that I can use check to get some cash. This is a very serious problem and if you are unable to resolve it soon, I am pretty sure that I will change the bank and will open account somewhere else. So take your time and evaluate the problem with the ATM machines.


Ted J. Simons

Account number: 908-43220-12343-0981


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