When we put our ATM card inside the machine for getting instant money, the machine returns the card after withdrawn of money but when there is some suspicious activity involved or if the customer takes more than usual time to precede the steps, the machine automatically swallows the card and doesn’t return it. In order to get the card back, the customer has to write this letter to the bank manager.

Brief description of “ATM ate my card” complaint letter:

It is very common in ATM machines that hackers try to hack the machine and take out the cash without valid ATM card so in order to keep the machine secure, it is automatically programmed to snatch the card and keep it inside in case of any suspicious activity where on the other hand, the machine sometimes also eats the card without any suspicious activity or wrong steps of the customers. In that situation, the customers is required to write a letter to the bank manager in order to get his card back and when this letter is written in complaint form, it is known as the ‘ATM ate my card’ complaint letter to bank manager. Usually when the customer makes a mistake, it’s just a formal letter to the bank manager for getting the ATM card back but when the machine swallows the card without any customer mistake, the letter is written in complaint format.

Sample “ATM ate my card” complaint letter:

To: senior manager

Western Capital bank, main branch

New York NY 35094

Subject: retrieval of ATM card

Date: 15 January 2015

Dear Sir,

Yesterday around 5:00Pm, I was in Brooklyn where I used one of your ATM machines to get some cash. Usually I don’t get any problem with the ATM machine but yesterday, as soon I put my card in the machine, it suddenly swallowed my card. I tried to take it out but no use. I immediately dialed the emergency contact number and talked to someone in customer services department. He told me that when customers take more than usual time to press any buttons or decide next step on your ATM machines, the machine automatically eats the card for suspicious behavior.

He told me that this is not a big deal at all but in order to retrieve your card, you have to wait for at least 24 hours and then contact the manager of the bank in which you have your account. As he would have already collected the card on your behalf, the manager will be able to get you your ATM card within minutes.

So here I am writing this complaint letter to your bank as I didn’t take more than usual time to press buttons on the machine and still I am without my ATM card. You should take serious notice of this problem as the same thing happened to two other people while I was outside the ATM machine. But, first, please get me my ATM card so that I can use it once again.


Richard Cole

Account number: 495-23-34231-4524



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