Reunion Letter

It’s a sample letter written by one to his family members, friends or former classmates to meet after a long time. A person who wants to meet his relatives or friends arranges a party and sends out invitations to let them know that he wants all of them to be at his place to catch-up after a long period of time. Generally reunion letters are sent out to former classmates to meet and sit together to see who is doing what and what’s new with everyone. Once you have passed your high school or graduate school, there is no way that you stay in contact with your friends continuously once everyone is spread in different states or countries. And reunion is probably the most appropriate to thing when you want to sit with those friends to share your life events with each other. Although it’s not possible to invite each one of your class fellows but you by this letter you invite most of them. You organize a party at some beach or club where you meet all that friends, remember all the memorable moments to spent together in the past, listen to each other’s stories and have fun for a while. It’s a tradition in most of the countries like America or England where classmates provide their permanent addresses to each other at the end of the school so when a reunion party comes up, they get invitations.

A reunion party can be inside a family too where only family members and close friends are invited at some ceremony like birthday of a kid or to celebrate engagement of your child. Also there are many other social events when you can send out reunion letters to your relatives like Christmas, Easter or thanksgiving. This would be such a nice occasion when family members from all the states or other countries have a chance to meet, sit together, eat dinner and share their stories with each other.

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Reunion Letter

General guidelines to write a reunion letter:

  • The first paragraph should contain such words that immediately attract the reader’s attention. If you are sending invitation by email, it’s better to start the letter with good-looking words so no one thinks it’s just a junk mail. You can talk about the fun you had at the last reunion or a joke that is very famous among your friends. You can also talk about a member in your house or in your family and welcome that child with a poem or something like that. There is no need to be formal in these types of letters and you can use as simple language as you want.
  • The second paragraph should contain all the information necessary for the reunion party. Here you include the time, date and the place where the party is going to be organized. If you have decided to make it a costume party, include that here that every guest has to wear a different kind of clothes or have to become some personality. If the members are supposed to put money at the end of the party or bring a dish of their own choice, include that too.
  • Finish the letter by asking the guests to participate in the party. If you have planned to play games or something like picture boards, ask for their assistant. Also ask if they have any other ideas to make it more fun and remind them to send those ideas 2 to 3 day before party so there is enough time to schedule.

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