Leave Application Letter

Leave application letter is a formal document which is written by an employee of an office or a student of an institution which is kind of a request to grant leave for one or a couple of days from duty. This is like the most common letter in business and educational world which is written on daily basis from different employees. It’s possible that when you are working in an office or studying in a college, you may get sick or injured yourself in some accident. In that situation it won’t be possible for you to attend the college or go to office so you write a leave application to your superior or head of the department and tell them about the problem your are having and ask them to grant leave for one or more day depending upon the seriousness of the situation. A person who has just caught flu would want leave for one to two days for the treatment and rest where a person who just had an eye surgery, might wants to be provided a week or two weeks leave. On the other hand, a pregnant woman whose due date is very near writes this letter for a leave of one to two months minimum.

Besides illness, there are many other reasons of getting a work leave from office. For example what if you have to go for your child’s admission in a college in a different city or state, you can’t attend and go at the same time so then you will write this leave letter to get leave of one day due to personal piece of work at home. What if one of your best friends is getting married and he has invited you and asked you to be his best man, what would you do? This is like once in a life time opportunity for most of us so you can’t waste it. That time you will write this letter to your employer to get leave of two to three days depending upon the ceremonies and location. Another important occasion is a family member’s death where it’s very important to attend and you can’t just pass it just as you did some wedding ceremony. Depending on the location of the funeral, it could take one two days to attend the funeral and stay with the family for a while.

General guidelines to write a leave application letter:

  • This is an official letter which you sent to your superiors so try to keep it as formal as possible. There is no need to address with harsh words or use abusive language because this is like a request letter.
  • In the first paragraph, you describe the actual reason for leaving. No matter how odd it is or how you think your boss will react to the reason, don’t lie and speak truthfully. There is also no need to tell a whole story about that, just a few lines are enough.
  • You should clearly describe the schedule you have ahead. If its two days, ask for two days and if it’s one week, ask for one week. But make it clear that during that time you won’t be available in the city and can’t do any office duty.
  • If you are suffering from some disease, it’s better to attach the medical document like doctor’s prescription with the application to make it more effective.
  • It’s important to keep in mind that once you are off-duty, you won’t be able to provide any assistant in the office work so if it’s possible, nominate someone inside the office who will do your work in your absence. This will show your employer that you have really thought through this application and there is nothing wrong with granting you a leave from the work.
  • After that close the letter with appropriate greetings like “Sincerely” or “Regards”.

Here is a Free Sample Leave Application Letter crated using MS Word,

Leave Application Letter

Here is download link for this Leave Application Letter,

Download Leave Application Letter

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