Insurance Claim Letter

When two businesses or individuals do some work together, it’s not uncommon if one of them or both are unsatisfied with the results and want to inform the other party that they haven’t done everything and there is something about the project that is bothering them. There is an official way to do this which is called writing a claim letter or complaint letter. A claim letter is a document written to inform a business, individual, vendor or shipper that the person at this end is not satisfied with the product or services or they didn’t deliver it in full. As you know that it’s not possible for a person or a business to do everything at his own but at some point, he has to deal with another person or organization in order to get what he wants. This way when two or more parties do a project together, each one of them has their own imagination, strategies and expectations about the outcome. The results may satisfy one but there are chances that at least one of them won’t be happy about the outcomes so he will claim the other party to deliver the services according to his needs and expectations and to inform them about this is through a claim letter.

A claim letter is a very common thing in an individual’s life too. As we buy or shop everyday and sometimes when we use the product, it doesn’t fulfill our assumptions and we just want to inform that seller that the product is not what we expected so it would be very nice if he replaces it or arrange for a substitute. This claim letter comes in handy when we do online shopping where it’s not possible to see the product physically and we have to believe the seller. But when we receive the product, it may or may not be the same we saw on the website or the one we choose. It may have a different color, specification, manufacturer or qualities that we don’t want. The thing with online shopping is that when we buy some stuff, we reserve a right to claim it if we are not satisfied and to start the claiming process, we need to write a claim letter to that company or vendor.

General Guidelines to Write a Claim Letter:

  • This is strictly professional and formal letter so you better keep it that way.
  • Although you are not satisfied with the product or the services delivered to you and you have all the rights to be mad, but that’s not going to do any good. So it would be better if you keep a smooth tone and go easy with the words. As long as the vendor is agreed to exchange or replace the product, there is no need to use harsh words or abusive language.
  • You need to put the address of the correspondent person who is responsible to start the claiming process. You have to contact the company and find the employee and his department who deals with the claims.
  • There is no need to give any outside information or irrelevant stuff but get to the point in the start of the body of the letter. Don’t use long sentences or complicated words as it make the letter hard to analyze.
  • Go easy with the words and keep a courteous tone. Using bad words or abusive language won’t give you what you want so there is no need to yell at the addressee.
  • Use separate points to explain what is wrong with the product or what’s about it that bothering you.
  • Clearly state about the steps or outcomes that will satisfy you either it’s exchange of the product or replacing it with another model.
  • It’s very important that you provide all the needed information and receipts with the letter. If you have an account in that company, provide its number to make the process much easier and faster. Attach all the purchase receipts with the letter that proves that you bought the product and the supplier was bound to deliver the one that you chose.
  • Finish the letter with a proper greeting message like “Many regards”, sign at the end and close the letter.

Here is preview of a Sample Insurance Claim Letter created using MS Word,

Insurance Claim Letter

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Download Insurance Claim Letter

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