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As we are all human and we are meant to make mistakes and we can’t change that however if we have done something wrong intentionally or unintentionally, the thing we can do is to apologize for our behavior or act. Although it’s not easy to say sorry to someone even if you love them very much or it was entirely your fault, sometimes it’s just so hard to down yourself in front of that person and make him realize that he was right and it was only you who did wrong. Sometimes even if it’s not our fault, if we love the other person we apologize just to make the things right again as they were before. Sorry is just an act to show the other person that you care about him more than you ego or self-respect but it’s still so hard to face that person. That’s why people use apology letters in which they show that they are really sorry for what they did and they really want to make everything okay once again so they are apologizing so that the other person forgives them and gives them another chance to prove that they are not going to make the same mistake again in their lives.

When you have a chance to make things better by writing an apology letter, you shouldn’t wait too long and just do it. There is a saying that “there is no need to say thanks or sorry in a relationship but sometimes these are the two words that save a dying relationship”. Although it would be really better if you apologize personally but sometimes it’s just not possible to meet that person so you write him or her apology letter. In this letter, you describe the situation about what happened and why did you do what you did, actual reasons of your bad behavior or mistake and other factors or persons involved in that situation. After that you write about your situation after that incident as he or she is not talking to you or listening to you. Then you apologize and promise that you will not do that act or make that mistake again in your life.

General Guidelines to write an Apology Letter:

  • It’s an informal and very personal letter so keep it that way. You don’t need to type it or compose it on computer but we recommend you write it by hand as it makes it more emotional.
  • Before you start writing the letter, think about the things or factors that you are going to discuss or provide in the letter.
  • Address that person properly and with love so that he does read the entire letter and doesn’t just throw it away the moment he sees your name.
  • It’s not a good idea to start explaining yourself in the very start but you have to start the letter with saying that what you’ve did, was wrong and you are really ashamed about that. Keep the first paragraph on apologizing and showing that you are really sorry for what you did or what happened due to you.
  • Once you have proved that you are really sorry, start to provide some fact or things that led you to that mistake in the second paragraph. Here you can smoothly state that it was also a fault of another person or thing like you were drunk that time or someone else forced you to do that.
  • In the third paragraph, you state that it won’t happen again and you will be extra careful from now on. In this part you also state that you are sure that the addressee will forgive you and everything will be alright one again.
  • Finish the letter with some good deeds and at the end, put your signature and close the letter.

Sample Apology Letter:

Here is preview of a Free Sample Apology Letter created using MS Word,

Apology Letter

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