Medical letter is a letter which is written some particular situations regarding medical assistances and health related circumstances. There are number of types of medical letters which vary according to the situation and the issue related to one person or a whole department. For example if it’s a medical release letter, it’s a signed documentation which allows a third person to treat a patient if he is ill or met an accident. This is a letter which is issued by parents to daycare centers and schools to allow them to treat their child when they are not around their child. If their child is suffering from a special disease like asthma or dust allergy, it’s important to allow the school authorities to treat him or her because there is no definite time frame of next attack in such cases.

On the other hand, a medical claim appeal letter is also a medical letter but totally different among others. Sometimes it happens that in case of an incident, your insurance doesn’t pay your medical expenses and asks you to pay it by yourself. In common cases that is not a big problem but in special cases like surgery when there will be a lot of expenses, it’s important to file a case against that insurance firm and this procedure is called medical claim appeal letter. It’s not like the other letters and you have to have some knowledge of writing this type of letter to present your case in the court and sue the insurance company.

Here is a preview of a sample Medical Letter Requesting Medical History/Record,

Medical Record Request Letter

There is another type of a medical letter which is called medical complaint letter. If you or one of your family members is admitted in a hospital, it’s possible that you won’t be satisfied with the services and have some complaints against the hospital administration or medical staff like doctors or nurses. In that case you are supposed and asked to file an official complaint against the management to make them realize that they are doing something wrong and it’s very important to change their way of working. In modern countries like America and England, the patients are asked to fill out a form regarding the services of the medical facility and that form is kept in record to present to the superior management. Others have a complaint/suggestion box at the reception where you can put a letter regarding any problem you faced during your stay.

Another important one is a medical leave letter which is a letter to let your employer know that you are physically sick and unable to perform any work at the office. Through this letter you asked your employer to grant you sick leave(s). This can be a one day, one week or one month leaves depending upon your situation. For example if you have caught flu, it will only take 2 to 3 days to vanish so there is no need to ask for a week’s leave. But if you are a female and pregnant and your due date is close, you will need more than one month due to the seriousness of the matter and leaves of 1 or 2 weeks just won’t be enough. In all that cases you are required to file an application to make your leaves official and that application is called a medical leave letter.

General guide lines to write a medical letter:

  • First you have to consider what is the main reason of the letter you are writing and who will be at the other end receiving and reading it.
  • Set the tone according to the nature of the letter like if it’s a complaint letter, you can use slightly harsh words but if it’s a medical leave letter, you have to be polite and kind because your boss is the recipient.
  • Make sure you are addressing the right person of a whole department in special cases. It’s very important to address the person with right words and the appropriate salutation style.
  • Define your problem or situation very clearly and avoid using big or complicated words. Stick to simple words and short sentences to explain yourself and the issues you are having which need to be solved.
  • Close the letter with right complementary note and mention your name and address at the end of the letter along with your signature.

Here is download link for the above mentioned Sample Medical Letter,

Download Medical Record Request Letter

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