It can be difficult to resign from your old job but you have to do this in order to select best options for you or for the growth of your career. You can do it in official manner via a resignation letter that will provide you courteous way to resign from the old job. You can quit your old place on a good note with the help of resignation letter and your professionalism will be liked by everyone. It is important to write a professional resignation letter in order to avoid any problem in future because your negative comments or bad attitude can pay you in your future. A well drafted resignation letter will help you to say good bye to your old employer and colleagues on good terms.

When to Write Resignation Letter?

Resignation from old job requires some manners because you have to keep good terms with your old employer and colleagues. You cannot quit your job on verbal notice and a formal resignation letter is always required to convey your message in official manner. Resignation letter should be gracious and positive to highlight your professional work experience. Professional resignation letter will portray your true professional image therefore the letter should be short but comprehensive. It is a best way to maintain positive relationship with your old employer and colleagues. It will help you to get reference from previous employee on the time of need. It serves as official notice that you are terminating the employment with the organization.

General Guidelines to Write Resignation Letter

  • Start your letter with clear declaration on positive note and show some modesty by saying “I regret to inform you that I have to leave my position of Assistant Accountant with Star Company, effective from 15 August”. It is essential to provide notice of at least two weeks.
  • Write a valid reason for which you are resigning such as you got a bright opportunity in a new company. You have to state the details of your new company and your new designation within this company in concise way. Do not be so arrogant while writing your resignation letter especially if you are getting job in the competitor’s company of your current company.
  • Draw attention to your major accomplishments and contributions to the current company to get greatest tangible results. Show professional refinement while writing your letter by saying that it was your delight to work with them on dissimilar projects throughout your tenure.
  • Express your gratitude to your supervisors and colleagues to show your honesty and dedication toward current company. Do not say anything harsh because it can spoil your whole impression and can pay you in near future. Stick to the rule, “If you cannot say something nice, does not say anything at all”.
  • Say some grateful words for the knowledge you have gained during your work in the corporation. You can write as, “I have gained valuable lessons and ways to grow myself personally and professionally”.
  • After completing your resignation letter, take help of your trusted friends to read this for once before its submission. Carefully choose words for your resignation letter and write your positive experiences within the current organization. Do not make any complaints in the resignation letter because it is not a correct platform to do this.

Sample Resignation Letters

Here are some sample Resignation Letters for a quick view,

Teacher Resignation Letter Receiptionist Resignation Letter
Download: Sample Teacher Resignation Letter Download: Receiptionist Resignation Letter
Resignation Letter Boss Conflict Resignation Letter No Promotion
Download: Resignation Letter due to Conflict with Boss Download: Resignation Letter Due to Non-Promotion
Resignation Letter with Flexible Date Resignation Letter due to Merger
Download: Resignation Letter with Flexible End Date Download: Resignation Letter Due to Merger

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