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If you are fired from your job and looking for a new one, it may feel itself like a full time employment in which you have to visit offices and ask if they have any vacancy or chances of opening. This would be a lot worse if you are not even getting interview calls and the companies are just rejecting your applications without meeting you. In that situation, you may need to send an interview letter which makes your job application stand different among other applicants. High profile companies have a much complicated screening process for the new employees and they just interview those who get pass through that screening test. This letter comes handy in that kind of situation and if it’s well crafted, contains every essential ingredient and addresses to the right person, you got yourself an interview.

You have to make sure that you put your and your recruiter’s address on the top of the letter so that it’s immediately processed and reaches in the hands of appropriate person. Put your basic and contact information at the top and bellow it, write about your employer. Use an appropriate font and keep the language professional. You need to use a correct salutation before you start the body of the letter and unlike other letter, don’t use a “”Dear” or “Sir” but write “Dear Mr. Allen Smith”. This way it’s more professional and has lesser chances of ending up with the wrong employer. It would be an effort to find out the name of your recruiter but it’s essential for this type of letters that you actually know the name of the person who is going to hire you.

In the first paragraph you explain the purpose of the letter which in this case is to request for a job interview. You will have about two to three minutes before the reader throws your letter into trash so you have to capture his attention and convince him to read out the whole letter. in this paragraph, you describe the position you are applying for as a result of an advertisement or if it’s just a general query about any openings in the company. Here you also describe your expertise and skills that totally match the job’s and company’s requirements. After that in the second paragraph, you describe your qualification, previous employment history and special skills you have that will help you on this job. Here you are required to explain everything more openly. After that at the end, you thank you the employer for his consideration and you add extra information about the time you won’t be available for an interview. Instead of that time you are ready for an interview according to his convenience and you should realize him that. Close the letter with appropriate greetings such as “Many regards” and put your name and signature at the end.

General guidelines to write an interview letter:

  • Before writing the letter, research a little bit about the company and the position you are applying for.
  • Provide your basic information at the top of the letter and bellow it, put the full name of the employer and his position in the company.
  • Start with a proper salutation and make sure that you are addressing to the right person.
  • In the first paragraph, ask for a job interview. This is not pushy or rude so don’t make it too long and precisely explain the position and type of the job you are applying for.
  • Put your work experience and educational history in the second paragraph. Provide information about the skills you have that can help you at the job you are applying for.
  • In the third and final paragraph, thanks for his consideration time. Also state that you are available for the interview at his convenience.
  • Finish the letter with proper greeting such as “Many regards” and put your full name and signature at the end and close the letter.

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Interview Request Letter

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