A farewell letter is the best way to say goodbye to someone you love or know for a long time and it would be very difficult to live the life without them. Saying goodbye and seeing someone walking away from you probably for the rest of your life is not an easy thing or might be the most difficult thing to do in life. This letter provides you a way to do this without actually standing in front of that person and this letter also serves as a personal document to remind that person for the rest of his life that you are really going to miss him and it will be a tough thing to fill his shoes. Life is so uncertain that we can’t predict the next moment even if we have planned it for years but you know what, this is the beauty of it. Sometimes not knowing something is the best thing and passing the moment is easy this way. There are number of ways that you can use to send this letter such as you can give it by yourself, use the mail, compose  the message on computer and send it through email  or use a phone to text the draft of the letter.

There are number of occasions when you are required to write this type of letter. Some of them are casual and doesn’t involve much consideration or emotions but the other would be very hard to handle. If one of your colleague is retiring, got terminated, changing the career or just want to take a long break, you are required to send him a farewell letter to support him at that time and to make him realize that he is not alone and you are standing right in the side of that person. There will be times when one of your old and close friend will go to another city or country for study, job or research and the duration might varies from a few weeks to permanently. It won’t be an easy thing to say goodbye to that person without dropping some tears and won’t be easy to write a letter according to the situation as well. But you have to do this, you owe this to your friendship and you have to give a farewell letter to that friend to remind him for the rest of his life that you will keep him in your heart for the rest of your life.

The situation will be much tougher if the going away person is one of your family members i.e. aunt, uncle, sibling, parent, child or your spouse. It is not a casual thing to see the  person walk away from you either for a short period of time or for the rest of your life, the person who you spent a life time with and you never imagined what your life would be like if that person is not with you. Writing the letter in this situation is toughest of all kinds and you can’t do this in one sitting. It could happen that you write a few lines and when you can’t bear the emotional pain you stop writing and do it after a few hours in another sitting. There is no easy way to do this but it would be a little easy if you know how to do this and what steps you are supposed to take when writing a farewell letter. Some of those steps are as bellow:

General guidelines to write a farewell letter:

  • The situation is already very hard and complicated, so don’t make it more difficult. Keep it simple and short.
  • Start the letter with a proper salutation and full name of that person.
  • In the first paragraph, you describe that it’s really hard and depressing that he or she is going away and you can’t imagine what it would be like without them.
  • You share some good memories with them, the moments that you two spent together and the great things about your relationship.
  • Close the letter by saying good luck to them for their new journey and the new life they are about to start. Advice them to keep in contact with you via phone or letter. put your name at the end and close the letter.

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