Decline letter also called a rejection letter is an official document that is written by a business or an individual to let the other person(s) know that he doesn’t want that thing or offer that he agreed upon. This is a well-mannered way to reject the offer of someone or some company. If someone is so experienced at the work he does, he may offered a number of jobs from different companies and organizations but the problem is that he can’t accept all of them. So he has to inform some of them that he really appreciates the effort they have made but he is not available currently although me doesn’t want to close the road forever as he might like to work for that company in the future. This is also used by an individual when he is offered a job but he doesn’t like to work there. Thus he writes this decline letter to that company to inform them that he can’t work with them. The thing with this letter is that even if the offer doesn’t meet your standards or the duty hours are awful or even if the pay is not that good, you can’t mention these things as the reason of rejection because that employer might offer you something amazing in the future if you keep good relations with him.

There are three kinds of a decline letter and all these vary according to the situation and the person who is writing them. The standard types of decline letter are:

  • Standard decline letters
  • Kind decline letters
  • Very kind decline letters

Although there is not much difference in all these types but they vary a little bit from each other and the thing is that one single letter is not good for every situation or every individual. As it’s clear from the name, the first type which is standard decline letter, is majorly used by businesses and with a little change in the draft, it meets the needs of every situation. Companies use this letter to decline the offer of a third party of doing mutual business or a buyer writes this letter when he wants to inform a vendor that he doesn’t need the product or services anymore or at all. The second type is used when some company wants to reject the offer of some applicant to do a work in the company or if he wants to do an internship. On the contrary, an individual uses this letter when he wants to decline the offer of a company that offered him a job. This letter is perfect when you want the other person or business to know that you appreciate their effort and consideration but at the present time you can’t accept their choice due to some personal reasons but you don’t want to close the door as well. The third and final type is used when the offer is so good or the company offering is very high profile and you don’t want them to get angry or feel bad about themselves as you may need their services in the future. This is the letter which is used by a company who is already doing a business with another business but can’t accept their second offer and they don’t want to discontinue the ongoing project as well.

General guidelines to write a decline letter:

  • This is a business letter and should be written in a formal way. Use a company letterhead to write the letter or if it doesn’t exist, create your own by putting the company name and logo on the top.
  • Use a proper salutation and address the receiver with the full name and correct address.
  • This letter is just a way to tell that person that his application for employment has been rejected and that thing can be explained with few words so there is no need to exceed one page. Keep the letter short and concise.
  • Thanks the candidate for his consideration and time and tell him that you and your company really appreciate his effort.
  • You need to state some factors about the decision you made about declining his or her application. You can provide him your company’s situation that you can’t hire new staff at this time or you are already downsizing.
  • Support the candidate by telling him that even if you are not hiring him right away, you have saved his application and as soon as there is an opening in the company, you will consider him first for the position.
  • Finish the letter by saying good luck to that applicant for this job search and if you can provide some information about a company who is hiring at this time and they may hire this person too, write details about that too. Put your name and signature at the end and close the letter.

Here is preview of a free sample Job Offer Decline Letter  created using MS Word,

Job Offer Decline Letter

Here is download link for this Job Offer Decline Letter ,

Download Job Offer Decline Letter 

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