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Cancellation letter is issued when you want to cancel any membership, business agreement, services of a company or if you want to discontinue the supply of products of another company. This letter is used in companies and organizations as well as in personal life too. What would you do if you want to cancel your membership in the local gym? That’s right, you send them a cancellation letter in which you explain your situation and ask to close your account in that gym. The businesses and organizations write this letter on regular basis as they deal with many clients at once and every day they terminate the services of one client as they don’t need it any more in their company. People also send this letter to other parties or businesses to aware them that they are not satisfied with their services and want to close the business. The reasons of their dissatisfaction are mentioned in the letter and if the writer is very important account of the company, the management reviews his rules and policies and tries to convince the account holder not to close the account.

There are many kinds of cancellation letters and some of them are:

  • Membership or subscription cancellation letter
  • Rental contract cancellation letter
  • Reservation cancellation letter
  • Service contract cancellation letter
  • Order cancelling letter
  • Appointment cancellation letter
  • Invitation cancellation letter
  • Account cancellation letter

There are thousands of reasons about why businesses or individuals write a cancellation letter. For example a business writes this letter to another business or party to tell them they have violated the agreement and thus the company doesn’t want to do business together anymore. When the other party receives this letter, they find out if the company is violating any rules or not. In the reply, that company writes back a request letter to say that they have changed their policies and this type of incident won’t happen again and they are requested to take the cancellation decision back. Or when a tenant violates the rental agreement, the owner or administrator writes him a letter to tell him that his rental agreement has been cancelled and he is advised to find a new place within one week.

When you go on a vacation or business trip to another city or country, you are required to reserve a room in hotel there. Professional offices reserve room for their staff a week before the actual visit and the payment is done online via internet banking. If the trip is cancelled or there are some changes in plans, it’s necessary to inform the hotel to cancel the reservation and not to charge for the room they kept reserve. Five star restaurants in big cities require you to reserve a table for a meeting or a family dinner about two to three days before the actual day. If there are some changes with the schedule and you can’t make it to the reservation, you need to inform restaurant about the cancellation of the table.

General Guidelines to Write a Cancellation Letter:

  • Start the letter by providing the basic information. It’s a business letter so you have to put the date of writing the letter. Include your name and contact address and the company’s name and department’s address too. If you have an account in that company or any reference number to the order you want to cancel, provide that and the process will be more easy and quick.
  • If something is bothering you about that company or their staff’s behavior, there is no need to hard words even if you are angry. Use a professional and polite tone and be careful with words. If the company is the reason of your cancellation, they can delay the process just because of your harsh words so once you have decided not to a business with them anymore, take it easy with the words.
  • Start the letter with proper salutation like “Dear” or “Mr.” and put the full name of the employee who will start the cancellation process.
  • No matter how big the company is or how many staff members it has, the cancellation process usually takes about 3 to 4 weeks so you have to be patient and once you have sent the letter, wait for a few weeks and then follow-up the letter with another one if they haven’t done anything.
  • Don’t threaten the company or an employee but in a general way, state some consequences they will face if they don’t cancel your order or account. You can use the local law or your mutual agreement at this stage.
  • It’s possible that you owe some money to that company so if you want to cancel the account; you have to pay them before they start the cancellation process. You can add a check with the letter or pay it before sending the letter.
  • You typed the whole letter on computer but it’s recommended that at the end, you handwrite your full name and signature and close the letter.

Here is a free Sample Cancellation Letter  created using MS Word,

Sample Cancellation letter

Here is download link for this Cancellation Letter ,

Download Cancellation Letter 

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