Police is an armed force which is responsible to maintain a peaceful atmosphere in a city or town and required to handle disputes which happen between individuals and parties. There is concept out there that police is a separate department and works on completely different rules and regulations. This is partially true because although the working of police is different from a business or a corporate firm but the basic rules and terms of working are same. Police also has many departments inside the force such as management, administration, human resource management, employee counseling, accountants and auditing department and some others. Criteria of managing a police force is not easy if it’s compared to a business or another organization but rules are quite tough here.

Police letter is also called official police document which routes both inside and outside the department from seniors to juniors, from juniors to seniors or from outside general public to the police officials. Inside the police department, seniors use these letters to give orders to their junior staff regarding a particular situation or general instructions. Outside the police department, common citizens write these letters to police department to inform them about any case or evidence in a case. They also use these letters to share their problems with the police to let them inform and ask them to take care of the problem which is bothering them or disturbing their lives. For example if a person thinks that his neighbor is involved in some kind of illegal activities or he if he knows something important regarding a case or he is an eye witness to some incident, they write the letter to police. Sometimes people mention their names and addresses in this type of letters but generally people write these letters as anonymous.

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Police Letter

On the other hand, if someone inside the police thinks there is something wrong going on in the department, he writes a litter to his seniors to inform them about the problem. This can be about a wrong investigation or general mistakes in the common procedures. When this letter is written inside the department, it’s written on the department letterhead but when outside person sends it, he uses a simple white paper which may be lined or blank.

General guide lines to write a police letter:

  • Try to avoid adding irrelevant information especially when you are writing an important letter such as a police letter.
  • Keep patience and be courteous as much as possible when you write a complaint letter to the police officials. Although you will be pretty much pissed at them but shouting at them or using bad words can’t change the situation or the circumstances.
  • If you want to be a key witness to lead some criminal case, you should keep yourself anonymous to avoid any kind of danger to your own life. Once you have guaranty of your life by police, then you can reveal yourself in front of police and general public.
  • Always put the date on the letter for the record and to use it in the future. This is a necessary element of a police letter when you are sending an instruction letter to your juniors.

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Download Police Letter


Here is another Sample Follow Up Letter for Police Jobs,

Follow Up Letter for Police Jobs

Download: Follow Up Letter for Police Jobs

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