Solicitation for fundraiser is not an easy job because no one want to give his/her money to others without potential benefits especially in fluctuating economy the merchants and businessmen seems uninterested for donations. Successful nonprofit activities like charity and donations require special efforts to persuade your target within corporate and private sectors. Before starting your work, it is important to write an effective solicitation letter that can communicate your message in effective way. It is important to have some information about the target organization before writing solicitation letter. It helps you to communicate your message to target audience in effective way.

Tips to Write Solicitation Letter

Solicitation letter is important to persuade target person for donation and following are some important tips that will help you to write an effective solicitation letter:

  • Brainstorm important keywords to explain mission of your organization. Keywords will help you to target specific population according to the requirements of your organization. You have to identify the type of sponsor you are seeking and start your search by reading mission statements of different organizations.
  • If you want to take money of other person then it is important to persuade him/her for your sponsorship. Create a rough sketch of those points that you want to cover in solicitation letter. Divide your letter in different paragraphs and include important points in your letter.
  • It is important to research about organization to discover responsible persons from the staff of organization. Start your letter with professional greetings followed by salutation. If it is your first meeting then the formal title will be Mr. or Ms followed by surname such as Dear Mr. Smith. If you have met before then you can write Dear Smith.
  • In first paragraph, you have to write about the benefits of probable sponsor association. These will help you to acknowledge the work of sponsor as you can align all benefits with your mission statement. Write some incidents in the letter to give impression to sponsor that you know about him/her.
  • Highlight the goals of your own organization in the second paragraph and write about important works of sponsor. It is important to show ability of your staff to put your association in better light. Avoid lengthy discussions and focus on brevity that will help you to hold the attention of sponsor in better way.
  • Let your potential sponsor to offer your assistance by discussing virtues of solicitation. It is your responsibility to inform about best collaboration of sponsor’s support in alliance of your mission statement. This part of solicitation letter will contain two to three sentences so wrap up your letter on thank you note for hard work and time of organization.
  • Conclude your letter with simple but professional goodbye such as sincerely is the most accepted word. Write first and last name followed by title and name of organization after professional goodbye.

After completing your letter, proofread it more than twice because any grammatical and logical error will annoy sponsor and give a wrong impression about you.

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Solicitation Letter

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