Promotion request letter is usually written to request for promotion from employer and it is not an easy task. It requires full planning and preparation because you have to convince your employer to seriously consider you for promotion. You have to show your good qualities and good contributions in the success and growth of organizations to your employer to give him/her reason for your promotion. If you feel that you are in the same position from considerable period of time then it will be good to write a compelling promotion request letter. Your request letter should highlight your skills and qualifications. It is important to tell about your interest to your boss and human resources department.

Tips to Write Promotion Request Letter

Compelling promotion request letter will prove really beneficial for your career so you have to be really careful while writing promotion request letter. Following are some tips that will help you to write perfect letter for your career growth:

  • Start your letter with your contributions for the company and write potential benefits of your promotion for the company. Let them know that you are qualified enough to work on a better position. You have to give imaginations of potential benefits about your promotion to your boss.
  • Write your major accomplishments in the letter but do not write irrelevant material because these can irritate reader. It will be good to include relevant accomplishments while requesting promotion. Write duration of your employment within this company, your expertise and dedication toward the company.
  • Do not use negative words because these can make your impression weak. Write strong words to show your employer that you are a strong person for this position. Avoid such statements and words that can create doubts about your abilities to carry out important tasks.
  • Praise your employer for his/her cooperation and explain how much you enjoy while working within this organization. Try to convince employer by telling him/her that you want new challenges and able to deliver good results.
  • It will be important to write those skills that you have acquired during your job within the organization. Write about new training and seminars you have attended during your job. Discuss new growth opportunities and demonstrate your skills to move up to new position.
  • Show professional courtesy that is requirement of time and help you to get more positive results. Try to write your letter in suggestive tone so that the potential employer can promote you according to the situation of the company.
  • Compliment training and seminars you have attended during your job and the skills as well as qualifications you have learnt during these activities. Write some recommendations for the betterment of the company to prove your authenticity for the position.
  • Take a moment before concluding your letter and say sincerely thanks to your potential employer for considering you for the promotion. It is professional attitude and helps you to fulfill requirements of the time.

Send your letter after proofreading it properly because any grammatical and logical error will be a question mark on your writing skills and professional attitude.

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Promotion Request Letter

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