So you are about to break a relationship but feeling hesitant to tell your partner. Do not worry as you can write break up letter because it is a right way to break the news and explain the reason of break up. It will prevent you from worst question like “Why” because it is breakup is really hard to do. No one feel pleasant after breakup and it is a sad process that can diminish pleasure of every person. It is an effective and soft way to blow of a break up and to give some closure to your ex-partner. Through this letter, you can provide useful information to your ex-partner so that he/she can read and reread it at the time of need.  It is written by middle scholars or people in rude relationship. It is important to remain honest about your feelings and be clear about your reasons.

Tips to Write Break Up Letter

Break up letter is important for that person who wants to end an abusive relationship. Following are some tips that will help you to write an effective break up letter:

  • If you want to write an effective break up letter then it is essential to brainstorm your ideas and thoughts on a rough paper. Write reasons of your split up but use nice and polite tone while writing everything. It will be good to include some nice and important things about your ex-partner. Write good qualities and write the role of this person in your present and future life.
  • Although you can opt for typed break up letter but it will be good to write handwritten letter to add more personalized touch to your letter. Use formal tone and address him/her followed by date at the top of the letter. Commence your letter by writing that you have strong feeling, you should not date any longer. Use blunt and gentle tone while keeping your letter to the point. Do not try to confuse reader because any mix emotions and messages can disturb her.
  • Write that your romantic relationship is over now followed by the reasons of your split up. Try to be as gentle as possible and avoid blatant rejection terms such as “I do not wish to live with you, You are of not my type, You dumped me” etc. Use softer language like “we will better be friends; It is not good for us to live together” etc. Write positive qualities in the letter and state some incidents where you can enjoy together.
  • Conclude your letter with complete description and write your views about this relation in future. Write everything honestly and try to end your relation in friendly note. If you want to turn your relationship in friendship then write it in your letter. Give him/her options either he/she want to accept your friendship proposal or not. Do not force for another relationship and give him/her some time to think about it. Give him/her open choices for the future.

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Break Up Letter

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