Personalized invitation letters have great importance while throwing every kind of party especially birthday party. Both types of formal and informal birthday parties require a well designed birthday invitation letter. Formal invitation letters require more conservative tone and an R.S.V.P should be there for the recipient. If you are writing an informal birthday invitation letter then you should include some humor in the letter to upbeat the personality of guest of honor. Personalized birthday invitation letter will give special feeling to guests. Give them welcome feeling through birthday invitation letter and include a short message to include the details of birthday party.

Tips to Write Birthday Invitation Letter

Birthday invitation letter is really important to give special feelings to guests and following are some tips that will help you to write a perfect birthday invitation letter:

  • Address specific guest by writing his/her name at the top left corner of your paper along salutation. If you want to write a formal birthday invitation letter then it is important to write surname with Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Dr., etc.
  • Write one to two sentences to give introduction such as name and age of birthday girl or birthday boy and important milestone. If you want to organize a surprise event then it is important to include its details in the birthday invitation letter. For instance, “We are going to celebrate 65th birthday of our dear mother Vaneeza Johnson and will throw a surprise birthday party to pay tribute to her hard work and successful life”.
  • Write about party such as date, time, venue and complete address with important contact numbers of host and nearby locations. Keep this segment concise and write each piece of information on a separate line. For instance,

August 11, 2013

7:30 p.m.

City Star Restaurant

15 East Street.

Pretty Avenue, CA 4441

  • If you are going to throw a theme party then it is essential to write about it in the birthday invitation letter. You have to tell about theme, dress code and other important requirements. You can write about gifts that will be presented to birthday boy or girl according to his/her preferences.
  • Refreshment is an important part of your party and every guest wants to know about it in advance. You have to give details about it such as, “Cocktails and appetizers, family style dinner, potluck affair or bring your favorite dish with you”.
  • If you want RSVP then write about it in the birthday invitation letter so that people can guarantee their presence in the party and this will help you in further arrangements. Provide valid contact number for the convenience of guests.
  • Prepare a list of guests in advance so that you can send invitations prior time to all important guests. Write name of the guests and their phone numbers so that you can acknowledge your guests via phone.
  • Informal birthday invitation letter can be more interesting and colorful according to the theme of your party and preferences of chief guest. Formal birthday invitation letter should be free from all logical and grammatical errors.

Here is preview of this Free Sample Birthday Invitation Letter created using MS Word,

Birthday Invitation Letter

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Download Birthday Invitation Letter

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