Cashier is a person who deals with money and other financial issues in almost every business and organization whether it’s local or international. Cashier is like an accountant who controls all the money transactions inside and outside the organization and keeps a track of every financial statement. When a company works, its administration deals only with the employee related problems but not the accountancy so they hire a special staff which works as accountants or auditors. In a company not every employee or manager keeps cash all the time with him so this is the place where a cashier comes handy. He keeps cash all the time and makes payments to the persons who are allowed or issues checks to various departments when they need money. A cashier is the one who pays the expenditures when company purchases a product of goods with the money he has given by the company.

Cashier letter is a broad term and includes a number of types such as when the employer wants to issue some funds to an employee or a department, he issues him a letter which is called cashier letter. This letter is given to the cashier and he issues the cash to that person or department and keeps the letter in record for future inquires. On the other hand, when company buys goods or hires services, the purchase manager issues a letter to cashier to make the payment to seller or service provider. Cashier letter is also written by a cashier when he wants to inform the authorities that he is running out of cash or some other problem which he wants to solve. He writes this letter to a specific department or the general manager of the organization.

Here is preview of this Sample Cashier Letter created using MS Word,

Cashier Letter

These letters only route inside the organization and acts as an authenticated business document which is created with maximum supervision and kept in record with great care. Through this letter, anyone can get cash from the cashier so it needs to be safe. This is the reason that these letters are written on company letterhead and also include an official stamp to make sure that there is nothing fake.

General guide lines to write a cashier letter:

  • Never use a simple paper while writing this letter but an authenticated company letterhead to make it official.
  • No matter who is writing or issuing this letter, it’s important to know the name and address of cashier if he works outside the organization or there are various departments inside the company.
  • Start with the inside address of the cashier and his department’s name. After that write the address for the record.
  • Put a proper salutation at the beginning such as “Sir” or “Mr.” This will make him realize that you don’t see him as a junior but a teammate.
  • Now start the body of the letter and discuss the issue which is under discussion. If you are a manager and writing this letter to a cashier so he will issue cash, write the name of the person who will be receiving the cash and the purpose of the cash. If you are a cashier and issuing this letter for more cash, attach the previous issued cash slips for management’s record so they exactly know where the cash is gone.
  • If you have some kind of issue regarding a person or a department, discuss that in the letter too.
  • After that finish the letter with a greeting like “Sincerely yours” or “Regards”.
  • Write your full name and put your signature at the end and send it to the appropriate person.

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Download Cashier Letter

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