World is changing very rapidly and as the technology is growing so does the competition in every field or career. Unlike a few decades back, now thousands of applicants apply for a job when there is an opening in any career. People are getting more and more educated and skilled by each day and that makes it very difficult for the companies to choose between hundreds of applicants for a single vacancy. In this situation, you need to have some abilities in order to stand different among other applicants and doing an internship is one of them.  Internship is a basic training for the career you are going to enter while you are studying. On one hand, this prepares you for the job and eliminates the factor that you will need on job training and on the other hand, it makes you more qualified and skilled for the job you will apply for.

There are thousands of organizations and industries that offer an internship for students while they are studying in almost every field. This way the company has more choices for the future opening and also some financial benefits as the interns are not supposed to get any salary or pay check during their internship. You just need to write an internship letter to the company you want to do your internship in and enter into their list of consideration. Famous or high profile companies like Pfizer or the Time magazine doesn’t hire interns on short terms as they have a huge list of applicants and they keep the applicants on waiting list for several weeks or months so you need to apply two to three months before you actually want to start the internship.

General guidelines to write an internship letter:

  • This is a professional document so you better keep it that way. Before writing the letter you should consider some important factors such as the paper of the letter, font color and style, how many sections do you want to put in the letter and most importantly, whether you want to type it or handwrite it? In my consideration, you should compose it on computer and then print it on the paper as it looks more official than the handwritten letter.
  • Once you have decided all the above mentioned aspects, start the letter by putting the inside address of the addressee you are writing to. Clearly state his name, designation and address.
  • After that you should add a subject which states the reason why are you writing the letter i.e. for internship or a proper full time job.
  • Start the letter with a proper salutation such as “Dear Sir” or “Mr.” following by his full name such as “Mr. Daniel Louis”.
  • As you have decided to divide the letter into separate sections i.e. experience, education and skills, you should start with an objective which states the goals you want to achieve in the future and how the job you are applying for will help you in that process.
  • After that you should add an experience section in which you discuss your work history. If this is your first application and you haven’t done any job before, it’s ok to eliminate that section instead of lying about that.
  • In the education area, discuss your education achievements and degrees you have gained up to now. Start with the graduation or high school diploma and then add about the degree or program you are studying presently or going to take admission it.
  • If you have some special skills like fast typing speed, excellent communication skills or speaking multi languages, add all that in the skills section. This will attract the reader towards you and increase your chances of getting an interview or a consideration in case of a high profile organization like WHO or NASA.
  • Close the letter with a proper greeting such as “Sincerely” “Regards”.
  • Always follow-up your application just to make sure that it’s worth waiting and they are considering your application.

Here is preview of this Free Sample Internship Letter created using MS Word,

Sample Internship Letter

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Download Internship Letter

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