Journalism letter are those letters which are written inside the department to give some instructions or to prove information regarding a particular incident. This is the official letter which is issued to a journalist when his seniors want him to work on a story and reveal the truth. These letters are also sent by outside citizens when they want to share something important with a journalist regarding his investigation on a particular incident. In simple and clear words, journalism is a field which includes writing and tells people about the reality behind the scenes and the actual incidents happened and people who work in this career are called journalists. There are a lot of further areas in journalism such as television, radio, newspaper and magazines. The best quality in a journalist is that he shares the real picture with the world and tells the actual story no matter how brutal is or how many lives will be affected but revealing it. Although the key purpose of journalism is to tell the truth but there are a number of ways used to do it. We find journalists in television as news casters and hosts of investigative programs which criticize the government actions and plans. We see journalists in newspapers where they share their thoughts in form of columns, reviews and editorials. We also see journalists online on the internet in form we they create blogs or online discussion boards where they share their thoughts with the general audience and get to know their responses.

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Journalism Letter

Journalism is a field which hires those who can reach at the point where the other can’t. This is the reason that when we see some incident we believe that it was happened exactly the way government or officials are telling us. But when a journalist researches and struggles to know the facts about that incident and then he presents a completely different picture in front of us so we know the whole truth or “both sides of the picture”. Journalism letter are those letters which are written inside the department to give some instructions or to prove information regarding a particular incident. This is the official letter which is issued to a journalist when his seniors want him to work on a story and reveal the truth. Basically a journalist uses three techniques or skills to reach the truth and find the hidden facts about something. He interviews the general audience and common people both open and hidden; he observes the gestures of official departments and the surrounding people about how their lives are affected by that accident. Thirdly he finds authenticated documents which lead him to the real facts and big picture behind the scene.

General guide lines to write a journalism letter:

  • If it’s an official instruction letter which is sent inside the department, it should be written on letterhead to make it official and authenticated. This will be kept in record used in the future in case of a dispute or misunderstanding.
  • It’s very important to put the date on the letter both inside and outside envelop. This step is very important when you are issuing order as a supervisor.
  • If you are outside the department and just want to share some facts with the department, use a blank paper and send the letter as anonymous. This is just to make sure that there is no danger to your own life.
  • Precisely write the name of the person who you are sending the letter to. Write his name and his department’s name in the beginning of the letter and outside envelop so it reaches in the right hands.
  •  Use a proper salutation like “Mr.” or “Dear Sir”.
  • Carefully discuss the things that you want to share with them and after discussing all the facts, write a short summary at the end and a single paragraph of what you want your recipient to do i.e. instructions.
  • After that finish the letter by putting closing greetings like “Regards” or “Good Bye”.
  • In case you are just sharing your thoughts, write your full name at the end and put your signature there.

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