A financial letter is a letter related to money and its transactions and deals with the finance related problems. A financial letter is created for a number or purposes which includes both financial and account related issues. A firm issues a financial letter to get financial aid from a bank, organization or corporate firm when it’s having problems regarding finance or just going to be bankrupt. In simple words it’s a letter for help to support the business and to survive in the market. In this letter they list their problems, the amount of money they need and the rules and regulations to make this deal. This will remove any possibility of conflict or dispute in the future. This is the same letter which is written by an individual student to an institute to support him by allowing an allowance or scholarship to support him for the studies.

Secondly when a company wants to allow some financial aid to a specific department inside the firm, management issues a financial authorization letter which goes into the financial department and starts the procedure for the aid. Its sounds an extra thing inside the company but it’s a necessary procedure when it comes to a huge multinational company which has branches in different cities or countries. This letter also includes the department’s name, its needs and the main purpose of the aid and the rules and regulations to spend the money. This allows the company to keep a record of financial expenses and the departments which will need money in the future. This is the letter which is also serves as an authorization letter for a division which allows the division to use financial resources of the company for a project or to create a new product.

Here is preview of a Sample Financial Letter created using MS Word,

Financial Letter

General guide lines to create a financial letter:

  • Start the letter with a proper salutation and the correct name and department of the person you are writing the letter to. This is the first thing that a superior will see so it has to be enlightened. Address the person with “Sir” or “Mr.”
  • After that you write the body of your financial letter in which you discuss your situation thoroughly and explain the problems you are having. At this point you also discuss the reason of writing this letter to the recipient and your concerns about that firm or institution.
  • After that you present the possible solutions of your problems and the terms and conditions you are comfortable working with. This will make your point clear and help the recipient to come up with the conclusion easily.
  • Here you just add short paragraph about the above mentioned factors and close the letter. Although you have explained all the things already but that is consist of dense and long paragraphs which make it difficult for the reader to realize the main theme of the words.
  • Close your letter with a greeting such as “Regards” or “Sincerely yours”. This will leave a positive impact on the reader’s mind and he will think of you as a civilized and well-mannered person.

Here is download link for this Sample Financial Letter,

Download Financial Letter

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