Charity is an act to voluntarily deliver your services generally money for those who need it. This is a typical way to help the poor or the people in difficult times and it can be anything including making an old home for aged people or to send food to a remote location where people are fighting with a natural disaster like flood or earthquake. When someone wants to collect money for charity, he usually organizes a party where he and other famous persons make speeches to encourage people or auction their own stuff like expensive watches or purses. Besides of all that when people hear that they are invited to a charity, they set up their minds to donate money or some other stuff at the party to help the organizer and to increase the charity amount. Although world has a lot of nations and religions but when a nation is caught in to a trouble like flood or earthquake, no one asks about their religion or nationality and people all over the world help them regardless of any interest in the return. These people do a number of charity works to raise the funds and then with that money, they buy food and other stuff and send it to those who need it. These people voluntarily work and don’t ask any appreciation because they know that this can happen to anybody.

A charity letter is an invitation to general public which tells them a couple of things such as your introduction, the key purpose of the letter, the purpose of this charity, authorization code given by a government department to collect this charity and the time, date and location of the event with your contact information at the end in case of any inquiry. As the host of the charity event or the head of the charity team, it’s your responsibility to send out this letter a week before the actual event so people have enough time to schedule their visit and arrange for the money they are going to donate. This week early invitation also gives them enough time if they want to investigate a little to see if you are real and not just a fake group of teenagers who just want to have some fun. Also in that time, people can do a research on the purpose of the charity like if it’s for Indian flood victims, it’s very easy to see if there is any flood in India and the government there has asked for the donation to help the people. Also another purpose of this letter is to provide an alternate way such as a bank account number to donate money if someone can’t come to the event.

General guidelines to write a charity letter:

  • Put your and your organization’s name at the top of the letter or better use a printed company letterhead with your company’s name and logo printed on it. As this is type of an official letter, it’s better to present it like one.
  • Start with greeting the reader and address him with his name like “Mr. John”.
  • In the first paragraph, give a little introduction of yourself and your organization and after that a brief explanation of what is the key purpose of this charity and where they money will be used. Here you can also add a little about your previous projects and recommendations from a number of people who are satisfied with your volunteer work.
  • Thanks the reader for his time and consideration. And for him information, tell him that if he can’t come to the charity event, he can put the money in a bank account.
  • Finish the letter with a proper greeting like “Sincerely” or “Regards”.

Here is preview of this Free Sample Charity Letter created using MS Word,

Sample Charity Letter

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Download Charity Letter

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