Sample Appreciation Letter

Appreciation is a complicated word and there are a lot of meanings of it such as when we want to thank someone or show gratitude for what they have done, we appreciate or applaud them or by appreciating someone, we admire his or her qualities. On the other hand, this word has a totally different meaning for accountant and financial professionals and they describe it as the increase in the price of something especially over time. As we live in a social world and we interact with thousands of people every day, we see them doing right or wrong acts. When they do something bad, we aware them and warn them about its outcomes and when someone does a good deed, we admire them and appreciate their good qualities which lead them to do what they did. It’s very important to appreciate a good person when he does something great for others or the overall society because this will make him proud on himself and he will continue doing same good acts in the future. If we don’t appreciate and always criticize, no one will want to do anything good because our behavior is not appropriate about it. When we say appreciation in the accounting world, it means the increase in the price of something like product, service or building with the passage of time. For example we know that a few years back we could get a good bike bellow $1000 but now the prices has risen and there is no way to get a bike bellow $1500. The difference of $500 is the appreciation in bike’s price.

Appreciation letter for both generally and financially are different in every way. When we here that one of our friend saved life of a drowning child at the beach, we feel proud of that person and want to tell him that he made has done a very good thing so we send him an appreciation letter. It’s an informal letter which just contains a short paragraph about that incident and appreciates him and his act. When you hear that one of your cousins has got his high school degree and got into a college, you want to share this moment with him and send him a letter of appreciation to admire his abilities. But when we talk regarding accountancy, the appreciation letter is written by a party or organization to another one just to let them know about the increased price of something they ordered or they were interested in.

General Guidelines to Write an Appreciation Letter:

  • It’s very important to send out the letter as soon you heard the news about someone because with every passing second, his happiness will decreases and after a day or two, that person won’t feel a thing about you appreciating him because the moment has gone.
  • It’s better to use an email instead of regular mail because it’s fast and easy but if you don’t know how to operate a computer or don’t have facility of internet, there is nothing else that you can do except writing a handwritten letter. If you are sending this letter to another business or office, it’s better to write it on company letterhead to make it more official.
  • Start with a proper salutation such as “Dear” incase this is an informal letter and “Mr. or Mrs.” If it’s an official business letter.
  • Start your appreciation and make it quick and short. It’s better to immediately come to the point and admire that person who has done something noble. In case of formal letter, here you explain the product or service the addressee ordered whose price has now appreciated.
  • If it’s a formal letter, finish it with an appropriate greeting like “Sincerely” but if it’s an informal letter, there is no definite way to end it. After appreciating your loved one, you can discuss anything you want regarding you or the reader.

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Sample Appreciation Letter

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