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Proposal letter is a formal business letter which is sent by an individual or a business within the company or outside the company to another party to present an idea or business proposal which can benefit both of you. This letter is called a proposal letter. This is a letter which includes the introduction of you or your company, a brief description of the project or proposal and all the key points and terms and conditions to sign the deal. When an employee realizes that there is a task in the company that he can do in a better and efficient way, he sends a proposal letter to the administration or department head to let them know about your ideas and characteristics of your proposal. On the other hand, when someone analyzes working of a company which he is not an employee of, he realizes that he can make that company’s working better, he sends out a proposal letter to that company and tells them about his ideas. Once the company has researched all the documents and discussed the ideas with superiors, they send back a proposal acceptance letter.

Within the same company, different departments send this proposal letter on daily basis to the company’s administration to arrange for a meeting to discuss the proposal. For example when sales department comes up with a new scheme to increase the sales, they write a proposal letter to the management to tell them about the plan and to get their authorization to start it. It’s a fact that a same person can’t every time come up with a new strategy so companies always welcome response of their employees and outside clients. Most of the companies offer their employees and general public to send them proposals which will facilitate the company in long term. This way every employee of the company thinks outside of the box to present a completely new scheme in from of the administration.

General Guidelines to Write a Proposal Letter:

  • It’s very important to address the right person who will read the letter. Use a proper salutation like “Mr.” or “Dear” and then write the full name of that person. As you are writing this letter to present a proposal to an official so use just the right tone.
  • In the first paragraph, just give a short idea about what the proposal is about and what benefits you will get if you sign the deal to work on the project. For example you can tell that company or department that if they accept your proposal, it will lower their raw material expenses.
  • In the next paragraph you give a brief explanation of your proposal and the main characteristics of your offer and the benefits you are expecting from it.
  • Now it’s time to tell the authorities about your company, services and staff and the previous projects that you have completed just to show them that you have enough experience to work on this proposal.
  • At the end, although you have explained everything above but it’s better to put a concise summary of your project just to make every perspective more clear.
  • Close the letter by proper greetings like “Regards” or “Sincerely”.

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Sample Proposal Letter

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