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Although companies hire new staff throughout the year but it’s a very risky job to hire someone stranger for a superior job which can be proved a mistake in the future so these organization tend to hire the existing staff to hire posts which is called promotion. There are a number of processes out there to promote employees such as in some companies, the HR department analyzes the performance of the employees and they decide who is capable and deserve a senior post and who should be demoted due to his lack of interests in the job tasks and send those needed employees a promotion letter or some companies announce a vacant position and ask their employees to send their work history to the management if they think they deserve this promotion. When employees see such a notice or hear this announcement, they send promotion letter and other necessary documents to the management and specify for what position you are applying for and the supervisors analyze those documents and their performances to check who the best choice according to the needs is.

There is another concept out there that when a company wants to increase the sale of its products, they promote their products in the market and send a letter to the marketer to present an idea and instructions to increase the sales and this letter is also called a promotion letter. No matter for what purpose you use this letter, it’s an official letter and needed to be written formally. Companies and individuals use company letterhead when they send out this letter to their department head or other organizations.

It’s not possible for everybody to get a superior job in the first place and most of the employees start their career from a bottom post and gradually get promotions to a higher position. It means promotion is a usual process of every office and only this is the factor that encourages an employee to work harder to get notice in the management’s eyes. Although every employee thinks that he is working very hard and only he deserves the promotion but that’s not right at all. Department heads and general managers are there to supervise the work of all the workers to keep a record of their performances and when the time comes, it will be very easy to immediately realize who the best option for the promotion is.

General Guidelines to Write a Promotion Letter:

  • Always use company letterhead to write this letter and make it as formal as possible. This is a very important business letter so you better make it look like one.
  • It’s very important to send the promotion letter as soon as you hear about an opening of a higher post in the company because sometimes only the early applicants get noticed and administration rejects the later coming letters.
  • It’s very important to tell your employer that you are the best available option according to their needs and why you think you deserve the position. Here you discuss your work experience and the achievements in the company which will sell you to that person.
  • Give a brief description about your abilities and skills you have developed during the job and the extra capabilities you have that make you different among other applicants.
  • If you have any ideas about how you can make that job’s duties easier, discuss that here.
  • If you have got any certificates or letter of recommendation from a senior, attach that with the promotion letter.
  • At the end, use a proper greeting and finish the letter. After a day or two, send out a follow-up letter to check whether they are considering you or not.

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Sample Promotion Letter

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