Probably the most difficult and painful thing in life is to say good bye to someone you really love and can’t stay away. But at some point we all have to deal with this kind of tender yet necessary situations which just make us sad and lonely. Although we know that our loved one is going away from us but it’s harder to say good bye in person as compared to a written letter because this way you don’t have to bear the pain of seeing him walking away from you and the thought that you can’t stop him. This separation may include a few days trip to a year of stay due to work, study or some family conflict. The message in the letter depends upon a number of factors like your relationship with that person, span of his or her stay and the reader’s age too. If your cousin is going abroad for further studies you can’t use a letter you wrote to your girlfriend when she was going out to visit her grandma.

People use the good bye letter besides family relations like when one of your teammate is going to another country or just resigned from the job and going away forever or when one of your female work friend is getting married and can’t continue her job, you write good bye letter to those persons. Although here the letter is used inside the workplace but the nature of the letter is still informal and personal so there is no need to make it formal or official. These types of farewell letters are not only written among young people but teenagers and youngsters also use to write these letters to each other. For example some kids write good bye letter to their friends at the last day of school and sometimes they make it more beautiful and hard to forget by adding a sweet, chocolate or a flower with the letter.

General Guidelines to write a Good Bye Letter:

  • The most important thing is that it’s not a business document so there is no need to use a letterhead or computer to compose it.
  • Although there are thousands of designs you can find in a bookshop but it would be better if you spend some time and design your own letter. It will be less fancy than a readymade one but this shows how much you care about that person you are writing to.
  • You can always use a trick to make it less painful such as making funny drawing randomly in the letter or just reminding the reader about a funny memory that made you laugh even in tough times.
  • You can use poems or quotes but it’s recommended to use your own words and copy paste only important things.
  • It’s already a very hard and complicated situation so don’t make it more difficult and straight come to the point. There is no need to write a dense and lengthy paragraph just to say that you are going to miss that person or you wish if he or she could stay a little longer with you.
  • Finish the letter with your own words such as “I will always remember you” or “Its hard to imagine a life without you in it.”

Here is preview of this Free Sample Good-Bye Letter created using MS Word,

Sample Good-Bye Letter

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Download Sample Good-Bye Letter

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